Real Life Sex and The City Apartment

The set designer for Sex and the City,  Ondine Karady, has filled her one bedroom apartment with vintage/flea market finds plus some wonderful pieces directly from the set of Sex and the City.
Can you say LUCKY?
I would love to come home to a Carrie-esque vibe in my apartment.
As it is I just recently finished my own fashion room, and I love it! It is white with gold details. With a shoe wall and everything fashion. I am very pleased with my design! I had a lot of help with the building, and I am definitely grateful for it.
Back to the magical Carrie apartment...
Emerald-green Emilio Pucci-printed drapes in the living room first adorned the windows of Carrie's apartment.

The painting above Karady's bed once hung in one of the art galleries Charlotte managed.

An art deco desk in the entry first made its debut in Mr. Big's modern apartment.

via: Elle Decor

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