The Blonde Diaries | Urban Decay Pulp Fiction

As my first post as guest editor on The Brunette Shake, I'm cutting straight to the point and sharing the beautiful news of the limited edition Pulp Fiction inspired Urban Decay collection. 

But I also introduce to you, the start of a new adventure with The Blonde Diaries. A little bit more edgy and down to root of plain ol Alicia Fearon. 

I'm a shopaholic but not just a shopaholic an excessive one at that! Why buy just one when you can buy three is what I always say!

So enjoy the first post of many to come!

Urban Decay has just released that, for the 20th anniversary of the cult classic film Pulp Fiction, they will be launching a limited edition collection inspired by the bad ass leading lady "Mia Wallace". If you have seen the movie, actress Uma Thurman plays the brazen Mia Wallace with those seductive red lips and matching nails and wicked dancing skills. Get prepared because on July 16th your local beauty retailer will have this fabulous line. While supplies last of course.

Not only does the line consist of the classic blood red lipstick, nail lacquer, and lip pencil. It also has a 5 shade eyeshadow palette in brown tones , and a Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner in "Gunmetal".

Definitely a thumbs up to UD on the Quentin Tarantino based collection, fingers crossed for more in the near future ! :)

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