Favorites Friday | Jaclyn Hill's Envious Mermaid

I love watching YouTube make-up, hair and beauty tutorials. Especially hauls, they're so much fun! I have learned a lot about make-up and application from the comfort of my own home.
As of late, I have been really enjoying Jaclyn Hill's make-up tutorials. She uploaded one early this week called "Envious Mermaid" and I absolutely adore it! I actually put an order through Sephora for the Becca Opal Highlighter - I am so excited to try it out I can't even stand the wait! I also want to try out the Stila Emerald Metallic eye shadow she used, it really finished the look. I can't wait to replicate this look and add my own personal flair!
I am really into mermaids. Always have been, always will be. I used to turn over restaurant place mats and draw mermaids on the back. It's not just a trend thing, I've always loved mermaids and mystical stories and creatures.
Jaclyn Hill's YouTube channel has taught me a lot about make-up application, I basically have gathered my own knowledge about make-up plus Jaclyn's and have created this flawless make-up routine.

I never used to wear make-up. Like ever. I was a hippie, I never wore a bra, I wore crazy outfits and once stole a bunny that was being tested on (sorry Mom). After a little while I began to grow into myself more and left the hippie ways behind, and did myself up a little. Don't get me wrong, I do still love the environment and animal activism as I still am an active member with PETA,  WWF, Amnesty International and other groups that help the world. My style has always been unique and creative, and now I have make-up as another artistic and creative outlet!
Who are your favourite YouTube beauty guru's? I will list a couple more of my favourites below!  
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