RIP | Robin Williams

I just wanted to take a moment on my blog to cherish Robin Williams. After the sudden suicide of this legendary comedic actor, the whole world is filled with grief. Robin worked so hard to bring smiles and laughter to everyone around him, it saddens me that he could not find the happiness and laughter for himself.

It's times like this that we must all stop, think and re-evaluate our lives. A person who everyone conceived as happy, was very unhappy inside and decided to leave this world.
I hope that this tragic loss will create a support movement in order to have more outlets available for people to connect who are battling their inner demons. Mental health is still health, and should be treated the same as any other illness.
Just remember, that every person you meet is battling something... Sadly, some of these battles are lost and people give up before they can find the help they need.

If you ever need a helping hand, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK. It is based out of the USA but is available for both the USA and Canada.
Let's take a moment to cherish the moments that Robin gave us. He helped put a smile on my face since I can remember... Playing the Genie in Aladdin, Batty in Fern Gully with his "Batty Rap", being Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumunji, Flubber, Dead Poet's Society, he made an epic cameo in Friends, Hook... My childhood was surrounded by Robin and he really did make me laugh the loudest and smile the biggest.  


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