Confessions of a Shopaholic | Volume 3

Do you find it hard to see/watch your friends buy new things when you can't afford to because you spent 300$ at Sephora when you couldn't afford it? Or that envy you get when you see someone purchased that really wonderful jacket or lipstick you just can't afford to buy? But you buy it anyways?
It's almost like you're filling an emotional void when you shop or try to buy the same products someoen else has. Just because they can "afford" to purchase something doesn't mean you have to!
It's better to go through life with a savings account in case something goes wrong instead of a closet full of trendy things you've never worn.
It's hard being a shopaholic.
Sometimes reaching out is the best step in the right direction.
Do you want debt collectors knocking at your door? Calling you at work? I didn't think so.
Now is the time to get out of that bad spending habit and start having a saving habit. Save for that trip to Paris you've always dreamed of!
I used to be a shopaholic.
Literally bought something new online every single day.
When I noticed I could no longer afford the day to day living because of my shopping habit I knew things had to change. I stopped spending and starting saving.
I opened up an RRSP and a TFSA to jump start my savings - it worked. Don't get me wrong - I sometimes get carried away and buy things I simply cannot afford.
All you need is to finally accept the fact you love to shop a little bit too much and take the necessary actions to stop.

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