Statement | The Electric Palette

When the Electric Palette by Urban Decay was first released I was intrigued. I love their lipstick and Naked palettes, and actually use the Naked palette's almost every day! The Electric Palette was different though.. it has those shades that I was kind of afraid to try out. Too extreme maybe?
I bit the bullet and purchased the Electric Palette this weekend. It blew my mind.
Remember, these are pigments NOT eyeshadows. So you can just imagine how creamy and pigmented they are...
Some tips for this palette is to simply get CREATIVE! You don't need to use it only on your eyes. Use it on top of lipstick, use it as a cheek stain, use it as a lip stain, use it in your hair for some fun colour... The ways you can use this palette are endless. It really is a great investment if you like to be a little brazen with your make-up!

Some of my favourite YouTube beauty guru's played around with this palette as well.
So much fun!


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