Trending | Plaid and Tartan

Plaid is everywhere right now.
It brings me back to my childhood memories and makes me think of grunge. I love a plaid shirt tied around your waist a la Mary-Kate Olsen in 2007. I just purchased a fabulous plaid shirt from Joe Fresh for 19$ that is actually perfect!
I'm now on the hunt for the perfect plaid scarf, and a red plaid dress. I already own so much plaid and tartan, but not enough! I have a vision of what I want in my head and I just can't shake it.
Plaid is trending right now. It's on all the runways, and in the magazines. But, I was wearing plaid before it was cool. Here's a throwback to me rocking purple plaid in my kindergarden photo.

It might have something to do with my last name being "Stewart" and the Stewart plaid...
If you didn't already want plaid, keep reading and get inspired! Once you go plaid, you don't go back.


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