Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite night of the year. My favorite costumes since childhood have to be all the homemade ones! We are a crafty family, so making costumes was always so much fun.

I've never been into what my boyfriend calls "cliche" Halloween costumes. You know - revealing dresses, skeleton face make-up, zombies, french maids... I've always tried to be 100% original when choosing my costumes.

My favorites:
Black Cat. My tail was made out of black pantyhose and stuffed with newspaper. It was amazing.
Where's Waldo. I made my entire costume with my grandmother. This was in 2006. So really I was Waldo before it was cool.
I also made my own Wednesday Addams costume with my Mom WAYYYY back, and even dyed my hair black. It was great!
Peacock. I made a peacock costume about 4 years ago. It was
 beautiful and really made me want to go into fashion design even more!
Sailor Mars. I made this costume from hand (my sewing machine was broken) it was for a college Halloween party and oh so fabulous!
and this year may just be the best of the best...
A PARROT!!!!!!!!
That's right, I'm wearing the costume from the set of Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23! Worn by Krysten Ritter when she portrayed Chloe!

And there's some throwback Halloween photos too!

Happy Halloween folks! Stay SPOOKY

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