Repetto | A Ballerina's Dream

When I heard that Repetto released a perfume - I think my heart actually skipped a beat. I've been wearing Repetto ballet slippers what seems like my entire life. I have always loved dance and ballet. I am a 20-something enrolled in a ballet class for adults. I'm dedicated to the dance.
I received a sample of the Repetto Eau de Toilette and it lives up to it's expectations. The romantic smell really reminds me of ballet, and I love the ribbon that goes along with it - really a perfect touch to the packaging.
Top notes are pear and cherry blossom; middle notes are rose and orange blossom; base notes are amber, woody notes and vanilla pod. It's a really lovely, beautiful fragrance.
It's elegant, and inviting. It's not that "old lady scent" either if you know what I mean. Sometimes perfumes with notes of rose in it can put you off, but trust me on this one : this fragrance is a great investment and a very classy scent.


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