Joe Fresh x Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush is one of those extrememly talented and lovely people that you only dream about meeting. She's inspirational, and has great style. Her Instagram is constantly filled with things that make you want to be a better person.
Sophia has been on the style radar since her portrayal of "Brooke" on One Tree Hill. She has this really wonderful feminine, yet edgy style that you rarely can find.
I love that she has collaborated with Joe Fresh (my favourite affordable brand!) to showpiece her favorite pieces and some of her advice on shopping and style.
It's always an adventure to go grocery shopping - Joe Fresh Women's Fashion just stares at you and you always end up taking home something amazing.

Sophia on Canada - Joe Fresh x Sophia Bush from Joe Fresh on Vimeo.

Joe Fresh is one of those Canadian brands that is known Worldwide. It actually mades me semi sad/upset that they won't be hosting fashion shows anymore!

You can now shop JoeFresh online! Check it out:

Buy this amazing tee designed with Sophia Bush!

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