Bullies in Stilettos

This is something I've had on my mind for a very long time. People being mean. It's mostly girls being mean to other girls, but it's very unnessesary. Being mean or looking down on someone will not get you any farther in life. In fact, when you look back on the mean and rude moments you'll probably feel disgusted at yourself.

I have found in my fashion career that being myself, my 100% genuine "me", has gotten me farther than I could ever have imagined. I've never been mean, or talked badly about someone. I certainly have been the target of what I'd like to call "bullies in stilettos", but I have never resorted to talking badly or talking down on someone. No one deserves that.

In the fashion world, those fashion greats will notice you if you stay kind and completely yourself. Being jealous and having a hateful spirit will give you early wrinkles, and will put you back a few years in terms of accomplishing something. When people called me one of a kind, told me I had the most beautiful and kind heart, the loveliest smile and the best laughter - Well,  I kept all these comments close to my heart when things in life got a little dark. Being my 100% original self, helped me meet some of my fashion icons. I will admit, when you are feeling a little dark and feeling a little lost - the hate might come out. But just grab a green tea, do some yoga, read a book or take a bubble bath. You'll feel revitalized and almost back to your positive self. 

The fashion world sometimes makes you feel a little lost, and a little invisible. But if you stay true to yourself, and your own personal voice, you'll do just fine! Jealousy and insecurity comes hand in hand, and usually the meanness stems after the jealousy has gotten too out of control. Social media is an easy way to attract bullies in stilettos. Just ignore the haters, and focus on the positive! Just remember that these haters are fighting their own battles, and sadly they are taking it out on you.

Everyone struggles, and when you look back on your life - the struggle will be the most beautiful part. Whatever demons you are facing right now, you can get past it. Stay positive. Stay kind, because kindness does still exist. You can always find kindness right here on The Brunette Shake if you're ever feeling a little negative.

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