Flashback | Miss All Canadian

When I was 17 I was going through some major life changes. I had to overcome obstacles that no 17 year old girl should have to face alone. But I did it. Over and over again I conquered whatever curve ball was thrown at me.
I was in my Senior year at Paris District High School and I decided that I was not going to be the girl in the shadows anymore. I was no longer going to be shy, or embarrassed of my creativity and voice.
I joined every club I possibly could. Then I joined some more. Soon I was doing the school announcements, social club, track and field, OSAID, and so many more things to get active in the community. I also was told I was the perfect candidate for beauty pageants. My kindness and inner beauty pushed one of my teachers to sign me up for the Miss All Canadian pageant.
I wore a beautiful white gown with silver details and glitter. My Mom curled my hair. I put on minimal golden make-up and mascara. We drove 3 hours and waited for the introductions to begin and for me to finally be on stage. I was nervous. But I felt like I was okay, like I was in a place where my public speaking fears were non-existent. Truth be told, my introduction that I had memorized was 2 minutes long. When I noticed the other girls making small introductions, I cleaned up my speech on the spot and pointed out all the qualities and dreams I had to share. My introduction made the judges laugh. I have always had this keen way of making people more comfortable and to make them laugh.
The day was wonderful. I was able to participate successfully in every event that I had been practicing for.
When it came time to put my white gown back on, I felt confident. I walked onto the stage with the other finalists to receive our titles.
I was flabbergasted at the amount of titles and awards I won.
I won the following:
 Miss All Canadian
Best Smile
Miss Congeniality
Most Photogenic
Model/Photo/Portfolio Winner
Best Costume Winner
Winning these titles really made me gain more confidence. It also opened up the doors for me for the fashion and model world, but that's a whole other story.
Sometimes, one person pushing you to do something out of your comfort zone can create such results that you can't even envision them until they're happening to you.

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