Rant | Bring Pretty Back

When did being sexy and practically naked become a sign of beauty? I don't understand it personally. I mean, my icons are people like Audrey Hepburn and my grandmother. Elegant, timeless women.
I really wish we could bring back pretty, bring back accentuating the natural beauty of a woman and her figure and not make it all about sex and becoming what men lust after.
We need to show our power by staying pretty. Honestly, I have no dream of being seen as a sex pot. I want to be seen as a professional, beautiful, powerful, elegant woman with class. 
This rant is coming from the pit of my stomach after seeing what my 12 year old sister thinks is gorgeous and pretty. After looking at her social media accounts, I noticed how sex is so extremely prevalent with her and her friends. I'm not sure if it's influenced by music, or videos... But they have access to anything they want because they are all glued to their iPods constantly. They see the pro-anorexia, sexting posts and so much more... They have access to all this material in a one simple tap on their screen.
Can't we bring back the beauty? Looking up to real, elegant women? It's almost like the children of today all want to look like porn stars - when in reality that is not a good thing. I sat down with my sister and talked to her, but it still frightens me. These very vulnerable girls are not going down the right track in terms of finding role models and not having their entire lives revolve around men/boys.
Bring back pretty!

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