Sunday Vision

Sunday is the day I spend getting ready for life. I set goals, find new aspirations and work out what I am going to do to accomplish them. The most difficult thing in life is figuring out who, or what you want to be. While speaking with my brother over breakfast this morning, I discovered that I have so many visions of what I would like to be and I can't simple choose just one! I was eternally grateful that he could share with me his thoughts on life, and personal growth. 

We are both wild flowers. Very rare, unique individuals. We both have old souls and have already lived many lives. We want to travel the world, learn new languages, get more and more education, fall in love, and continue to grow. We change peoples lives, and then move on to the next great adventure. 

What describes you? What is your greatest quality? I have a unique ability to make people laugh - no matter what the situation. I'm very creative and passionate for style, beauty and fashion. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am very caring. I am never mean. 

This blog, The Brunette Shake, has been a part of me for over 4 years. Instead of starting fresh, I want this blog to grow with me. I have plans for 2015 and I simply cannot wait to share them all with you as the adventures start happening again - and I'll be smiling through all of them. 

xx Hillary Gail Stewart 

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