The Brunette Shake & Fashion Stalker Magazine

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, I created this blog. 

This blog was created as an outlet/platform for my personal likes and opinions on fashion and beauty. 

I have owned and operated The Brunette Shake for almost 6 years!!

I am very grateful for the opportunities and forever friends that this site has brought me. 

I have ventured on a new path and I wanted to verify with all my loyal readers, what exactly was happening. 

I have created a online magazine platform called "Fashion Stalker". Fashion Stalker is where I am going to focus on trends, fashion news etc. I have decided to continue to write for The Brunette Shake! 

The Brunette Shake is and always will be my fashion baby. I started this website one day in a college class when I was ahead of everyone in accounting. 

The Brunette Shake is going to be focused on my personal life and sharing. This does not mean I will no longer speak about fashion! Oh I plan to! But The Brunette Shake will be where I share all my new hip products and all my personal beauty hauls. 

I'm very excited for TBS to continue, be prepared for daily posts and lots'o'fashion

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