The Gym Lifestyle

Starting this past Monday I have been going hard at the gym. I signed up for a Goodlife membership and I am LOVING the facilities. I attend the women only gym in my area every single day, I can't wait for the new gym to open in my area. It's open 24 hours and will have yoga classes! I was working out at home with the blogilates calendar and Tara Stiles yoga, but I needed to try the gym life out for myself. 

My boyfriend is hard into the gym lifestyle. That's where the title of this post comes from. He has all the knowledge and shares his insight with me whenever he can to better my experience at the gym. 

Right now, I am concentrating on cardio and fat loss. Of course, I plan to get stronger and tone my body as well. I have an idea of how much weight I plan to "lose". I really only wish to lose the fat in those target areas... and then get all fit and lovely! 

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