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The Brunette Shake is all about eco-friendly products, helping the environment and being as conscious as possible when purchasing products that are not tested on animals. Colour Pop is completely cruelty free and made in the USA. 

Colour Pop is quickly rising as one of the "It" brands on YouTube and other social media outlets. It's very affordable and the quality is to die for. They sell shadows, pigments, and lipsticks that they call "Lippie Stix" that you can purchase with the matching lip pencil. 

I was first introduced to the brand by YouTuber Kathleen Lights. She has done a collaboration with Colour Pop since my discovery, and created her own lippie called "Lumiere" which is reminicent of the 90's and that amazing lip look that Kylie Jenner has everyone coveting.

Even beauty guru Jaclyn Hill is raving about the lippie stix!

If you're really tight on money, and really want to try out this product sign up for the newsletter and use the coupon code for 5$ off! The lippie stix are only 5$ each to begin with so all you need to pay is for the shipping. 

My personal favorite lippie stix are : Bound, Easy, Heart On, and I Heart Thing (as pictured below)

My favorite eye shadows are: Mittens, Hammered, Shameless, and Get Lucky (as pictured below)

Coming soon is my own personal Colour Pop collection, including swatches and a few looks you can do with the products! 

Stay pretty xo

Hillary Gail Stewart

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