Dianna Agron | I'm Not The Only One 60's Inspired Hair

Dianna Agron looks absolutely stunning in the I'm Not the Only One video by Sam Smith. The dress was perfect, and that hair - amazing!

The video was heartbreaking besides the style and the beauty in it. Dianna Agron did a wonderful acting job in it as the dutiful stay at home wife, while she knows her husband is out being unfaithful. I liked this video because I could relate to it, it struck a nerve. What do you do when you know the one you're with is cheating on you? It's always a hard choice as to what to do. It's almost worse when you know who he's cheating on you with... or if he cheated on his wife which was the reason for the separation. In this video Dianna's character stays with her husband and greets him with a kiss when he returns home from his mistress.

"And when you call me baby, I know I'm not the only one"

After watching the video 3 times in a row, I decided to google her hair. I knew I had to share this gem with you guys! It's a classic, 60's inspired 'do. Dianna's off the shoulder white dress is reminiscent of a wedding dress, it's stunningly beautiful and makes you think of a housewife in the past who would stay home to cook and clean.

Sam Smith says of Dianna's character's look, "So what I tried to do is keep it quite timeless. Even though Dianna is in these dresses, which housewives wouldn’t necessarily wear nowadays, I still think there’s a modern edge to it, which I love.”

Check out the photos and videos below to achieve this look for yourself!

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