Favorites Friday | A Relaxing Week

I love Friday - I can share with all of you all my goings-on of the week! This week was pretty relaxing, I was able to enjoy some quality time with my boo, and absolutely conquered the gym. I was a little bit anxious about using the Smith machine to do squats - but on Monday I had no fear. I worked my way up to 35 pounds x 2 plus the bar. Great progress for myself, I was very impressed. I continued with the weights over the week and I can't wait to reach that 50 pounds x 2! I'm so close I can taste it. 

I attend the local women's Goodlife fitness club. I love it there! It's very comforting working out with other women, I find it strange to work out around men. The constant stares and remarks from the men make me uncomfortable.  I really am glad to have a boyfriend who is so knowledgeable with the whole "gym lifestyle", he even trains people! He's been able to give me some great tips and tricks that I have been implementing during my daily visits to the gym. 

I'm currently training for the Spartan Race in Halifax on June 6th, 2015. It's a 5km race with obstacles afterwards. I'm pretty excited! I'll be doing this adventure with my mom and brother, Dalton. Needless to say I'm nervous running with Dalton as he is an avid long distance runner (I'm talking 30 km runs everyday!) and has won many provincial races.

 I did do a little bit of shopping this week for Valentines's Day. I'm more into creating and crafting things myself then purchasing mass produced goods. I made my boyfriend a few cute little things that I positively cannot wait to share with you guys! I'll be posting photos on Instagram as soon as I can!

I also purchased the most beautiful red lace dress from BCBG with bell sleeves, I'll show you guys a photo below - I can't wait to wear this!!! It's so perfect for Valentine's Day - it was worn on my favorite TV show "Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23". This dress was so fabulous that Krysten Ritter kept the dress and altered the sleeves and kept it for herself.

I also did a lot of winter cleaning this week. I mean, an entire BOX of unused make-up to give away. I feel so accomplished this week! I'm going to reward myself with a little unicorn horn bath compliments of Lush Cosmetics. 

My 3 favorite things this week you ask? That's easy:

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What are you guys proud of this week? 

Till next time , 

Hillary Gail Stewart

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