How to Wear Retro Flared Denim

I've never been a huge fan of skinny jeans. Probably because I am 1. bootylicious and 2. have always had runners thighs. I would always find a pair of skinnys that were either the perfect fit everywhere except baggy around the waist, or I could get them on and they fit but would slide down and show everyone my panties. So in my dismay, I just steered clear of the elusive skinny jeans. 

When I saw the flared denim trending at the RTW shows at NYFW last week I literally sighed. It was about time! I have been wearing flared denim since I can remember. My favorite childhood pair of jeans were flared distressed denim with Bart Simpson on the right thigh. They were amazing. I wish I still had them... 

Anyways, let's cut to the chase shall we? Flared denim is BACK. 

Head on out to your local thrift stores, check out Etsy/eBay, and last but not least go to Free People and/or Anthropologie! They have never steered clear of selling flared denim and it's my first stop on the world tour of discovering the perfect flared denim jeans for myself.

 I already have the perfect white pair of flared denim, I purchased them 3 years ago at H&M for $19.99 and wear them every Summer with my brown platform sandals. It has a very 70's vibe and I love it! I also own a kickass pair of Elizabeth and James denim that look very much like a pair that Ashley Olsen was seen wearing, oh and then I have several nautical inspired pairs by Old Navy that I have owned for 7 years. Not even exaggerating! One thing I've learned from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen is to never get rid of those pieces of clothing that may just return to style. They have a warehouse that stores all of their old clothing, even from back in the day! I wonder if they still have those go-go girl outfits from Our Lips are Sealed...

This is literally one of my favorite denim looks from Ashley Olsen. These jeans resemble the Elizabeth and James ones I own! I have always wondered if they're the same... I love the dark denim pockets I think it really makes this specific pair of denim very unique. Pairing flared denim with a leather jacket and white shirt is so simple but looks so fabulous! It makes the look more edgy than a 70's inspired look would provide. 

Get inspired and into the 70's vibe by the photos below, and see the many ways you can wear flared denim! Let me know if you find your perfect pair of flared jeans and comment below and/or on The Brunette Shake Instagram account!

Just a few pairs to get inspired when you're shopping! From the left: Michael Kors, Free People, Nordstrom, Free People, Free People. Check out Anthropologie and Free People for the most unique pairs. Grab an embellished or patterned pair of flared jeans for a really amazing look! It's all about how you style things, make it your own! 

Rahcel Bilson magazine shopping. She is wearing great dark flared denim with open toe high heels with a great blazer and belt combo. This style takes the denim to new levels, she looks classic and put together well. It makes the denim more feminine! 

One of my favorite ways to wear flared denim. Rachel paired hers with some booties, and oversized striped tee and her go-to brown leather belt. This look is very down to earth and casual. 

Suki Waterhouse (model) looks like a 70's dream in this outfit! She's wearing a one piece flared denim jumper with an amazing fur and denim coat. She is the epitome of 70's style! I can picture this look in a schoolyard way back when. Actually something my mother would have worn, but don't tell her I said that! I think she had a coat similar to that when I was looking through family albums...

Sofia Vergara looks stunning in this ensemble. She paired her dark wash flared denim with black platform heels, black tee shirt and a black bag. She looks done up and ready to either go to dinner with the girls or go shopping. Her style is very versatile! 

Nicole Richie has quickly become the woman to look at for 70's/hippie inspired style. I love how she paired her denim and white tee with a statement red blazer! She looks ready for a casual business meeting and I love it! 

Leave it to Leandra from Man Repeller to stun us! She paired these fabulous patterned flared denim jeans from Rebecca Minkoff with a sports jersey and still looks flawless! She brought her own quirky style out and ruled street style, as per usual. There's a reason women look to her for unique fashion advice!!

Karlie Kloss paired her flared denim with a black crop top, and I'm in love! Totally trying this out. 
Mary-Kate Olsen pairing her Levi flared denim with a scarf tied around her waist, white tee, and burgandy oversized cardigan. YES. So unique, she made this her own when she added the scarf tied around how waist - how inventive!

Victoria Beckham takes it up a notch and makes her flared denim classy with a great coat

Kate Moss in the classic jeans and white tee combo (I hear Lana Del Rey singing right now... "blue jeans, white shirt...")

Miranda Kerr brings it home with a pair of high waisted white denim jeans with brown open toe sandals and a patterned top. This is exactly like something I would wear. So feminine and casual, perfect for a Summer day date! 

Written by : Hillary Gail Stewart

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