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You spend on average 7 hours a day sleeping. Sleep is very important for your health and beauty. It's an imperative part of your lifestyle even if you don't realize it! 

When I was 17 I moved into my very own apartment. Of course, I absolutely loved the space and the great big windows and light that this apartment offered me. Sadly, the light didn't disappear at night time. So I had quite an awful time sleeping and the light would constantly affect my REM cycle. 

So, I headed to the local dollar store and picked up a couple sleep masks. I instantly fell in love! I have been using sleep masks religiously ever since. 

My favorite sleep masks are from La Senza, Mary Green, and some really great ones I ordered from

If you find you're having issues sleeping try adding a sleep mask, and if it's a noise problem add some ear plugs!

Sweet dreams love bugs

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