Red Lace

I love lingerie. It's so lovely to know that underneath that beautifully styled outfit, is something very sexy and flirty. Personally, matching bra and panty sets make me feel very confident and womanly. It may seem strange to some, but lingerie can affect your attitude and sexiness is a positive outcome of this. I pretty much feel like a vixen when I have lingerie on. 

About once a month I try to get one new panty and bra set or a nice new romper or babydoll garment. Luckily, there is a La Senza clearance store about 30 minutes away from my house so I tend to explore there every now and then for some deals. Usually I can spend about 50$ and get one new piece of lingerie or sleepwear and 2 or 3 matching panty and bra sets. 

I have not been disappointed by that store yet. 

My find from a couple of days ago was a fabulous red lace romper. I love this one especially because it's longer and covers my entire booty! I don't enjoy thongs/g-strings, I've always gravitated towards brazilian or curvy cut panties, and this romper is cut just right. It was a steal at only $6.99 and was one of the last ones in stock. 

Perfect for Valentine's Day (night) and all the romance that comes with it. 

I had the pleasure of participating in a Valentine's Day themed photoshoot and I wore the red lace romper, the photos look fabulous! I'll share a candid shot below. 

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? 

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