Spill the Beans | My New Journal

I picked up this amazing Christian Lacroix journal at Winners! I saw it from afar, and knew it had to be mine. The paper is adorned with vintage flowers, and cut outs at the edges of each page. It's the most perfect journal to write down memories and stories. I used to write in a journal/diary every day, until my parents decided to read them all when I was 13. After the breach of privacy, I stopped writing for a long time. I felt embarrassed by the words I wrote, even though they were my feelings and stories. Now, my stories can be written down and shared with my love - and I don't mind.

Your stories may be private, but every little thing that happens makes you who you are. There's no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed by the things that make you tear up, get butterflies in your stomach and knees weak. 

The first thing I wrote in my new planner was a story about my Nanny, and a conversation we had on the phone about her buying a watch when she lived in Toronto many moons ago. She would visit the watch each week and continueously put a down payment on it until the dainty watch was hers.

The purchase of a new journal can bring hope and excitement. Not to mention, this is the most beautiful journal I've ever had. If can't wait to fill it with happiness, sadness and everything in between.

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