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I have been seeing on social media the use of the "Pout" app. I was becoming increasingly curious as to what it was all about. I put it on the backburner for a few weeks thinking it was just a faze. I came across it again this morning and decided to take a gander... 

It's amazing. 

The Pout app is a platform where you can share your personal style, find inspiration and look for things you "like". It's all fashion, beauty and hair oriented which is perfect for the industry that I see myself fitting best into. The fashion journalism and blogging world is a harsh one. Not everyone makes it, but I don't do it for the page views or the sponsors. I do it for me. This app encourages personal style!

There was a time that I was ridiculed for my personal style. I was always very eclectic, yet had a little vintage vibe at the same time. I had my teen years in a small town in Ontario, and I skipped right over the Hollister and Silver Jeans faze and went right into my own little world of fashion and style. I was inspired by the pages of Teen Vogue. The Teen Vogue handbook and education (TVFU) changed my life. I didn't care what people thought. I wore finds from the thrift store and the Sears outlet and made these amazing creations, all to my own imagination. Little did I know, me showing my personal style at such a young age would impact me positively as I got older. I wore the most outlandish outfits, even know I look back and think "why on earth did I wear pink boots with THAT jacket?!", but at the time I was blissfully happy. When everyone else looked the same, and like cookie cutter versions of each other - I stood out. Looking back on my high school year book and even my beauty pageant photos I stood out.

I remember going to a conference/event in Toronto with my Mom before my beauty pageant/model days. I was approached by Ford Models, because I had "the face". I had recently cut off all my hair (literally) and had my signature full brows. The day at the tradeshow I was wearing teal and beige eye shadow from a L'Oreal booth and just having fun and being myself. They called me a few weeks after the event for a casting session. I couldn't attend because of the beauty pageant, little did I know that the beauty pageant would have other agencies calling me too! This point of this story is to let you know : JUST BE YOURSELF. Be confident in you. Keep your signature style, if you don't like it - don't wear it. 

Pout is an app where women/girls/men/boys can share their own personal style. In fact, that's what Pout is all about! It's a place for those creative souls, and I certainly wish that this all existed back when I had no one to share my creative and stylish energy with. These are going to be people who understand where you are coming from! 

I believe this app is a changing point in the world of style and fashion. Somewhere where teens and women can gain confidence and spirit when they share their own looks. 

It's free on the App Store! Sign up, be inspired and BE YOU. 

The Brunette Shake will has a separate account, and myself "Hillary Gail Stewart" also has an account! Be sure to follow me on this stylish adventure of personal expression.

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