Teenage Dream | Shopaholic Diaries

After a very successful shopping day, I am still in love with my Wildfox Fruit Punch retro swimsuit I purchased from Winners for only TWO DOLLARS! I didn't even realize it was Wildfox at first, I just noticed the adorable fruit print and it reminded me of Katy Perry her California Dreams tour. I literally ran to the dressing room to try on this suit. I tried it on and was immediately in love! It fit just right, hugged my curves and eccentuated everything I've been working so hard for. 

I can't wait for the warmer months so I can rock this swimsuit like no other. Or maybe I'll bring it with me to Toronto for WMCFW at the end of March? Either way, this swimsuit is coming with me to anywhere there is water or sand. 

Right now is the perfect time to go shopping! Every store around is having massive clearance and sales. Winners, Marshall's, Joe Fresh... I think I spent 75$ in total in the past week and bought a fabulously edgy maxi dress, my wildfox swimsuit, fashion coffee table books, home decor, resistance bands and ankle weights. Plus, a whole lot of clothing from Joe Fresh including an olive green sweater dress, striped dress shirt, striped nautical shirt and a green cardigan. I've been winning those sales all week! This shopaholic shops right, without breaking the bank. 

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