Travel Bucketlist

I am a self proclaimed travelling gypsy. I have been known to sleep in my car rather than book an expensive hotel room while on my way to the big apple. I never stand out as a tourist, unless I'm doing touristy things like visiting Times Square and getting a caricature done. In those cases, I might as well throw on a "I heart NY" tee and call it a day. 

 There's some places I've dreamed of going since I was a little girl, of course those places are included in this list. The biggest one however, has always been Australia. I want to visit Sydney, and the Great Barrier Reef, but most of all I want to see Uluru. One day I will make it there. 

The second place on my travel bucklist is Egypt. I've always been fascinated with Egyptology and Cleopatra. It's almost like I once lived in that time. I would like to visit/see the Giza pyramid, Great Spinx of Giza, Valley of the Kings, take a cruise up the Nile... The list is endless. Right  now, there is a travel advisory that makes travel to Egypt frowned upon. But I hope someday I can make it there to see the things I am passionate about. 

The third travel wish is to take a Euro-Trip and see all the sights and cities that make artists feel inspired and where people fall in love. 

I want to go to Paris, London, Milan, Greece, Rome, Stockholm, Florence... I want to see it all. My plan is to save money, take off 2 months of work (preferably in the Summer months) and take a Euro-Trip. I'm a Parisian at heart and I can't wait to wander the streets of Paris...

Another dream of mine is to go on an African safari. I want to see real wild elephants and lions. I'm very passionate when it comes to wildlife and animal welfare, so I also would like to go to Haller Park where Mzee and Owen live. If you don't know who they are, it is a hippo and a tortoise that made an unlikely friendship. Their story warmed my heart, and I would love to see them with my own eyes. If I could go to an Elephant conservation centre I think my heart would burst out of my chest. I love elephants! 

There's something about Brazil... I'm not 100% sure, I think it must be the wildlife or the rainforest but I must go there! I would love to see the rio carnival as well.

Of course, there's places around home that I must see. I want to go to LA, Graceland, the Rocky Mountains, Hawaii, the Galapagos Island...

The need to run and explore runs through my veins. Where to go next is my only true concern.

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