Focus | Margot Robbie

I recently went on a double date with my boyfriend, my brother and his girlfriend. It was fun! We went to see "Focus", a movie about a con man with twists and turns. It wasn't what I expected, honestly I found the most I took from the movie was the hair/beauty/style ideas that stemmed from Margot Robbie's character in the film. 

Margot absolutely shone in this movie. She is naturally gorgeous, and it was fun to see the different up-do's she had with her hair. There are two specific do's I plan to recreate. The first being an up-do with braids and bumps, and the second being a side sweep of wavy hair kept to the side with a leather bow hair clip. 

Margot's style was beautiful. I really enjoyed the transformation as well, the costume designer did wonders in this film. Margot's character went from more trendy style with bangles to very womanly looks. Think sleek and slim dresses...Fun fact : all of Will Smith's costumes were chosen based on psychology! Using the colours that would be more influential in trusting someone; which is the colour blue if you're curious. 

 Have you seen the movie "Focus"? What were your thoughts? 

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Written by Hillary Gail Stewart

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