Breakfast at Hillary's | Vegan Pure All in One

I had the opportunity to try something new and exciting for after my workout (and just plain ole nutrition!). I was sent two containers of Vegan Pure All In One Nutritional Shake and just in time I might add - I recently discovered a high sensitivity to gluten. I used this shake for 7 days in place of my usual shake/routine and I felt I could give a positive and conscious review! 

Firstly, it tastes fantastic. I tried the french vanilla and was blown away by it's tastiness. It's both gluten AND soy free and there's no sugar added. Like -- HELLO this stuff is extraordinary! 

I tried the shake plain with water and ice, with milk and ice, and with a mixture of greens and berries. All of these concoctions were so great! I am really pleased with the taste and the energy I had after drinking the shake. 

The shake is all plant based (and awesome) as well as packs 16g of protein, 1.5g of Omega-3 from flax seed... and do I need to go on? I'm hooked. This is now my go-to shake!

Seriously though, go check it out for yourself :

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