My Life | Winter Updates

The past few months have been very busy for me. They've been filled with changes (both positive and negative) but have definitely helped me grow as a woman.
I was able to spend quality time with my family, visit my grandmother in Prince Edward Island, redecorate my home, work on my personal goals, start a new job, make a whole bunch of homemade facial scrubs, work up a sweat baking/cooking in the kitchen, plan a trip to Toronto for an adventure with WWF...
I've been a busy gal!
I was so happy to see all the new fashions from NYFW in February, Ashley Graham on the cover of SI: Swimsuit Edition, and of course all of my journals getting filled with funny antidotes.  
I had a few really great photoshoots over the Winter months and also battled a few illnesses that definitely kept me on the down low. Unknown stomach issues, lung infection...
Also, my bangs currently touch the tip of my nose so there's that as well. Thankfully I have a hair appointment on Wednesday with my favourite hair dresser. Hello beautiful hair! I mean, that's if I can wait until Wednesday - I might just grab a bowl and some scissors and call it a day.
Over the winter months, I have really been focusing on natural beauty and using natural (homemade) products on my skin. As a general rule, I don't use foundation. I really love to slather myself in coconut oil and just literally soak in it and watch reruns with my boyfriend.
 How has your winter been? Sorry for being so MIA, will be posting some more videos and photoshoots soon! Make sure to check out my Instagram for daily updates and pretty things!