Hillary's Holiday Wish List 2016

Hillary's Holida Wi

People are always saying I'm hard to buy for because I am the girl that "has everything". Once I know I want/need something, I'm not one to wait around to get it. I work my hardest, save, and get it as soon as I can.

My wishlist is pretty simple for this holiday season.

Gold Oxfords because I've been searching for them for 3 years (see my Twitter, I tell no lie!)
Morning Matra Mug because who doesn't want to start their day drinking tea out of a mug so cute?
Matt & Nat July Curry Backpack because I walk everywhere to justify desserts everywhere
Brite Lite Tribe Lightbox sign because it could make things interesting at my house!
Revice Venus Flares because the bum is a star, and I love stars (and bums!)

What's on your holiday wishlist this year?

I will also be posting some fabulous gift giving guides and stocking stuffer ideas starting very soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

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DrunkOnShoes said...

Super cute wish list! Love your picks.. ahaha I love that you finally found your gold oxfords!! Lol