Shop With Hillary

I love vintage. I mean I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE vintage. 

Vintage clothes are so magical. Someone lived their life in them, and you can imagine all the wonderful and amazing things that could have happened while they were wearing them. 

I have quite a clothing collection. Designer, vintage, homemade... You dream of, I probably got it! 

I decided to open my own Etsy shop for vintage, another Etsy shop for my homemade beauty products, a third Etsy shop for my handmade decor and an eBay store for my discount designer finds. 

I am still getting the swing of things, and are taking more high quality photos this weekend for my Etsy and eBay stores. It's hard to find the dedicated time for the photoshoots I'd like for my postings. I have sold quite a few pieces in a limited amount of time. Majority of my sales are discount designer on eBay, but I get quite a bit of interest on Etsy too! 

I've been featured twice on the Etsy New Brunswick Instagram page, and am gaining quite a momentum on eBay for sales also. 

I want everyone to have beautiful clothing, so my prices are profitable on a smaller scale to provide designer and vintage goods at a discount. 

My beauty products I make strictly for fun! I can spend hours in my kitchen experimenting with new scrubs and bubbly things. 

It's a definite work in progress, but I love it!

HGS Creative is where I can share my homemade DIY projects. I spend a lot of time and creativity into each and every project I share! It can be anything from natural stone coasters to abstract art.

Here are my stores for eBay and Etsy! Check out my current listings, and be patient while I get everything up and running! 

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