Hillary at Home

My home is an eclectic mix of everything I enjoy. 

Vintage art and decor, colourful pieces, modern furniture, cozy pillows, abstract patterns, gold and white...

I don't think my home will ever be finished. There's always something I feel like I need to work on. My current project is photo ledges in the living room with mismatch sizes white framed black and white photos. Very specific. I envision what I want, and I have my on call handy-man help me achieve it. (He's my boyfriend, we live together, but he's handsome and handy!). 

Here are some tips and tricks that have helped me decorate and create our home. 

1. Choose a colour scheme! It doesn't have to be throughout your home. But, in each room envision what colours you will use and stick to it. You can have one room with a shabby chic vibe with colourful pieces, and another room with strictly white furniture and gold accessories. 

2. Fill your home with photos. Nothing makes a home more homey than filling it with photos of your loved ones and happy times you've had! 

3. Less is more, if you have clutter, make it a small collection. Have 3 matching candles all beside each other, but keep the rest of the table empty. Have a neat pile of coffee table books on the table. Have cute pillows, but not too many! You still want to be able to sit on your couch! 

4.  You can always buy used/vintage furniture and re-do it! Take out your paint brushes and let's get to work! You can do SO much with a can of paint and perhaps some new fancy handles. It can completely change a piece of furniture! We purchased a vintage 1950 vanity table, painted it white and added clear diamond-esque drawer handles and it looks like it was a high priced designer piece. 

5. If you love something, it doesn't have to match. 

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