Who Inspires Your Style?

If it has sparkles, lots of colour and some vintage flair put my name on it! The other day I was thinking about my style and my fashion inspiration. I gain inspiration from everything. I really love it all - pink to polka dots, all black to sequins... it's wherever my mood and imagination takes me. 

I think my interest in style began at a very young age. I would always see my Nanny dressing up in interesting outfits with costume jewelry. Some days the dresses had Zebras on them, the next day she wore sequins, she had an arsenal full of clip on earrings and a jewelry collection that would make your heart sing. She is a beautiful, and wild soul. My brother, Dalton, and I used to spend HOURS downstairs in my Nanny's basement going through and playing with things from decades past. We used to call it Nanny's "store". She had lived there since the early 1970's, and had a tenancy to keep everything so one day we would find our Mom's old Barbies, and the next day we would find Nanny's going how hats from the 1950's. The "store" closed two summers ago when My Nanny experienced a flood in the basement. So heartbreaking. My Mom has always been a positive influence as well, with her classic and professional style; she's my buddy for thrift shopping and sales. She can always turn rags into riches, and she makes heads turn wherever we go.  My Grandma was so proper and had classic Parisian style, she was very French and always looked so classy. She liked to incorporate stripes and colour into her wardrobe, with dainty jewelry. She lovingly left me her favourite leather jacket that she saved for months to get, along with her favourite jewelry pieces; a silver bangle and a dainty gold chain bracelet with a lucky charm that she had received from my Grandpa on it. 

I was that girl who never cared about what other people thought. I wore pink boots with pom poms to high school, I can rock a lot of polka dots and wear brightly coloured tights under gorgeous dresses. I like to be sunshiney and happy, although some days I can rock grunge like no other. It's all about balance. There's something so beautiful about clothing, you live your life in it! 

I just wanted to give her a little shout out of love and admiration to my biggest inspirations in life. 

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