In School

Me in my leopard hat :)

GoOd MoRnInG EvErYoNe!!!!
I hope you all are doing well :) I am in class and oh so bored... Thanks for the E-mails last night, you all are so kind!! So I need some ideas for some posts to do in the future, tonight i am going to take the photos of my clothing and such that some of you wanted. Also, in the next few days my friend is photographing me for a contest, so I will be sure to post all the looks on here as well!!!! I'm sorry if i have been slack on photo's of my outfits and designs but i have been fairly busy!! :(. I have one look to post that my younger sister took of me a while back. It is my favorite leopard print hat from H&M and a Beige coat from Old Navy from years back!! Many people have been spotted in and other sites wearing the same one and i will post those photos as well :) Thanks again guys!! XoXo

An OC Girl

From the streets, to an award show, to an after party Micha rocks every look

High waisted pants :)

Black tights finish the outfit

Studded leather jacket

Floral dresses, white tee-shirt dress, high waisted skirts, and the same beautiful bag.

Black tee-shirt dress, large bag and a beautiful headband

Micha Barton, star of the OC...Has always been critized in the tabloids for her style.  I however, find her fashion very nice. It's different and makes her stand out.  Some fashion choices i cannot pull off, but Micha's is one that you can take tidbits from and make it your own.  Make sure to check out the OC if you have never seen it!! It's a wonderful show, and I was very sad when it ended :(
Have a nice day and thanks for your lovely e-mails :)

1980's are here to stay

Oh how i love the bright pink tights, grunge clothing,fingerless gloves and converse kicks.
The 1980's a time when nothing really mattered and you could wear literally anything you wanted to.
I love the clothes from this time and i enjoy looking at vintage stores for wonderful things from the 1980's.
Here is a collage i found with some pretty awesome clothes on it!
And just make sure if you're trying to go 80's don't overdo it...people these days are very sensitive...

Kristen Stewart--New kid on the block

Kristen Stewart stars in Twilight the new phenonomon :). Her fashion in the movie may be kind of dull but when she's not in character her fashion is impecable! She is punk and very eccentric. Her style is well-liked and 80's style. Mix it up sometime with some converse and plaid and your set to go :)

Your heads hottest accessory

Hairbands :)
Blair Waldorf, from Gossip Girl reintroduced the wonderful things two years ago. I remember wearing hairbands in elementary school, and as soon as they became popular again I ran out and bought the funkiest ones i could and now i own at least 100 of them :)
Here are some photos of Blair Waldorf and her infamous hairbands!!!
Happy Friday :)  XoXo

Nylon Magazine & Teen Vogue

Nylon magazine is one of the best fashion magazines you can purchase i think!! It has new and upcoming fashion and designers and it also has music ect.  It is just one of those magazines you can't wait to pick up :)
There are also a few books out by Nylon. The one i love and cherish is the Nylon Street. It's all about streetstyle all over the world and it's absolutely amazing!! I would recommend picking it up for yourself!!

Teen Vogue is a great magazine not only for teens :) It has great fashion and ideas. It also showcases new and upcoming actors and actresses!!! Camilla Belle and Kristen Stewart have graced the cover, along with many other great actresses :) Teen Vogue also has a new book out which comes with a free one year subscription!!! The book is fantastic!! It's about pursuing a career in the different fields of fashion!

Two magazines that are purely wonderful :)

There are many fashion  magazines out there but the above two are my all-time favorites!
More magazines to look for: 
Marie Claire

Marykate and Ashley--Fashion Pioneers

Marykate and Ashley Olsen are some of the most influential people in the world. Young girls have been following them since they were babies. They seem down to earth, and not to mention they have a very different sense of style that can be appreciated all over the world. Marykate and Ashley have two very successful fashion lines: Elizabeth and James and The Row. Both of these labels are very nice, even though they are higher end. They also have a young girls clothing line sold exclusively at Walmart!! These photos are some examples of their wonderful fashion sense. Good day everyone :) And thanks for your wonderful e-mails!!!

Celebrity Fashion

Rachel Bilson

Megan Fox

Ashley Olsen

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester and Blake Lively

Camilla Belle


Celebrities have a lot of money and have lots of opportunities to showcase the most expensive brands. Most of us do not have enough money to buy the same garments that the hottest celebrities have!! But it doesn't mean we can't find similar items as lower costs :). Here are some of my celebrity girl-crushes. They all have very wonderful style that can be mimiced or that can influence others choice of dress. Don't copy them, still be yourself, but you can sure still get tips from them even if you can't afford the exact same thing :)!! Good day all... <3

At School Early

H&M scarf again and a hot Starbucks coffee :)
Sequins hat--i bought one of these as well!! You can find them at Forever 21 and D-Tox

H&M dress :)

H&M scarf--I bought this set, it's wonderful :)

Bow hat

Red Beret
Alexander Mcqueen Scarf

H&M is always a good way to go!!
So here i sit at's 8, raining, and my class doesn't start until 940!! Oh what should i do ... :(
Of course i decided to blog haha. Today i am going to show some photos of Chiara Ferragni, my fashion icon. She is a very influential person and many people adore her fashion sense. These will be some of my favorite looks from her!!! You can always check out her blog The Blonde Salad. It's wonderful :).

Indian Boots and Brown Sweater Dress

Old Navy Boots
Abercrombie and Fitch Jeans
Nautical Belt
Old Navy Sweater Dress

Perfect day at school, it was quite enjoyable. I wore an outfit that i thought would be both fashionable and warm. I got many compliments on it and i hope you enjoy it as well!!! Have a wonderful evening everyone!!! :)

Blustery Day in the Neighbourhood

Uggs, the best boots to have!!! Keeps you warm in the winter and cold in the summer

Chiara Ferragni; Green Hunter boots, and a puffy jacket

Vanessa Valliant; H&M Scarf

Me, in my Billabong Plaid Coat and H&M Hat and Scarf Set!!!
Today, the weather is a tad cold but very very very windy!!! There are a lot of people out and about and everyone of course is decked all out in their hats and scarves. So, today i thought i would do some photos on winter accessories wear. I do not have many photos  right now, but the ones i do have, have a lot of fun and bright colours in the accessories. Indian style boots are also a must have right now, and colourful leather biker style gloves.  You can find the gloves at Aldo, H&M, and Le Chateau or of course more expensive venues as well. The indian boots are somewhat hard to come by; I found mine at Old Navy and they were the last pair. You can find them at Forever 21, Aldo and Spring Shoes.  Most of these stores are sold out of the boots, but of course the more expensive higher-end stores still may have them in stock!!! If you can think of any other things that you think are popular that you have been looking for, let me know and I will try to find them for you :) Have a good day everyone!!!