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My name is Hillary Gail Stewart.

I'm a midnight cupcake eating, skinny dipping, flower child, dancing queen, stargazing trouble making fashion blogger. I enjoy travel, and consider myself a wannabe gypsy. I wish to one day buy a VW van and travel North America.

 I've got dreams of pistachio macarons, tall trees, a colourful apartment with black and white photos on the walls and a walk in closet full of pretty, vintage dresses. I want to wake up in Paris, eat pain au chocolat for breakfast, and drive my yellow Vespa down the cobblestone streets while wearing vintage Dior and combat boots. I'm in love with the fashion of the classic 1950's, mod 1960's, free-spirited 1970's, goth 1980's and grunge 1990's. I often find myself gravitating towards styles from the 90's that I used to love as a child, but still, nothing beats a chic beret and go go boots!

Let's connect! 

Instagram: @thebrunetteshake
Twitter: @HillaryGStewart
Pinterest: Hillary Gail Stewart


Where have you travelled to? 
The Philippines
Maui, Hawaii
Sedona, Arizona 
The Grand Canyon
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
New York City
Red Deer, Alberta
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

What is next on your travel list? 
Either Australia or Paris in December 2019 for my 30th birthday. I also wish to visit Bermuda and Montreal this year. Nova Scotia and PEI are monthly trips that I enjoy! 

What is on your travel bucket list?
EVERYWHERE is on my list. 
Thailand, to work on an elephant sanctuary for a few weeks
Cape Town, Africa to cage dive with Great White Sharks and visit a safari
Australia, because it's been my forever dream
Paris, because of macaron, timeless style and the Eiffel tower
Bermuda, for the pink sand beaches
Italy, for the pasta
London, for the tea and crumpets 
Bali, because it's beautiful 
British Columbia, for the nature
Egypt, because of my love for Egyptology and Cleopatra

Describe your personal style and its influences / inspiration.
My personal style is very eclectic. It can change day by day. One day I can be very relaxed and wear a oversized sweater, leather leggings and booties. The next day I will wear combat boots, a feminine dress, a faux fur jacket, and a cool clutch. It is all based on my moods, but also the weather. 

Favorite designers and places to shop?
Alice + Olivia, Kate Spade, Miu Miu, Betsey Johnson, Vivienne Westwood, and The Row are some of my go-to designers.

I really enjoy shopping at vintage and thrift stores; you never know what kind of things you will find! It's like a treasure hunt. I love buying clothing that has been lived in, that tells a story. I frequently shop online, that's where I find the things I cherish most. eBay and Etsy hold some very special items if you take the time to look! I try to steer clear of fast fashion as often as possible. 

What is your next must have purchase?
Numerous golden necklaces that I can wear all at the same time. I'd like a compass, dolphin, letter H... just to begin. 

What is the ultimate showpiece in your closet?
I have a beautiful vintage Chanel jacket and vintage dress from my Nanny from the 50's, a leather jacket from my Grandmother, and various vintage dresses that I just am obsessed with. 

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