Ashley and Mary Kate: Interviews

Mary Kate and Ashley have been featured in quite a few online magazines.  I found two recently, and the interviews were wonderful so I thought I would share!


The first was in the Huffington Post.  Where the twins explain their "Homeless Chic" look.

The second was on  It is part 8 in a series of discussions with leading industry figures.

A preview of the interview:

How has being women affected your designs?A: I think the way being women has helped us in our designs is that we do a lot of research on what women like, what women don’t like.

MK: Also, for ourselves, we’re really petite, so ever since we were six, eight, we’ve been cutting down clothes to fit our bodies, and that never went away…Just the little things, how the waistband fits, what you want against your skin, and what’s flattering to your body and different body types.

A: What you’ll show and what you won’t show.

MK: Women that will show their arms and won’t show their arms; there’s so many things that women think about.

You’re in an unusual situation for designers in the sense that you’re also known as fashion icons. Does that term mean anything to you?
A: I don’t think we ever related to anything that anyone calls us, but I think when we moved to New York…You know, we’d been involved in fashion even when we were doing movies at six and we’d have 25 costume changes, so it goes back so much further than that, as to what the public saw when we were doing our videos and our shows and the fashions that we focused on. And the fashion-forward trends, which really started the Walmart business, ’cause there were no cute clothes for kids, no cool clothes for tweens. Or tween didn’t exist—I mean, this is how far this goes back. So it goes back further and maybe that word [icons] just comes out of that.

But is being “the Olsens” a brand you’re conscious of separate from The Row?A: When we see Olsen and you put it in terms of brand, one, I think of all our video catalogs that we still have and that we can reinvent one day, if we want to go back to that Olsen branding celebrity thing, bringing the past into the future. That’s one way, and then I think right now it’s just important…What you’re talking about as a brand is kind of just how we develop our relationships, our partners, who we partner with and how we all work together, and making sure we’re in the right relationships with the right people.

MK: All over the world I think people know us from different stages of our life and different things, whether it’s videos or Walmart or as designers or acting…I think it’s remarkable that children know us now from things that we did 20 years ago, when we were little guys.


Scrapbook Originals

I love clothes, which is quite obvious since I have a fashion blog! I was chosen by Scrapbook Originals which is a hot clothing brand based in LA for an interview.  I am "Scrapbook Girl" of the week! Make sure to check out my interview and "LIKE" Scrapbook Originals on Facebook! Thanks guys!!! xoxo

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Young Hollywood Awards: 2011

These pasts week have been hectic.  I have been trying to write everyday, I really have. But it's hard when you write for an online fashion magazine as well! You guys should check out Fashion Munster. It's a great site.

This past weekend was the Young Hollywood Awards, I love young hollywood.  The styles and fashion is all so different. You can never imagine what certain people will wear, they have great style and imagination.

I have found the outfits I love the most, and included them below.  I hope you like them as much as I did! Feel free to comment :) Camilla Belle was awarded the Style Icon award!



The always beautiful, Camilla Belle.

Travel Photo Diary: Rachel Bilson, Vogue

Hello my lovelies,

If you didn't know this already, Rachel Bilson is one of my many fashion icons.  I have loved her style since the days of the OC.  She is making a come-back on television this fall with her new TV series "Hart of Dixie" which I cannot wait to see!!

Rachel's street style is classic, laid back with a little rocker edge at times!

She recently did a Travel Photo Diary for Vogue Magazine! I have included the photos below and the link to check out her writing on Vogue! I hope you enjoy it!

Vogue Daily — 


Good morning beloved readers!!

I have missed writing here everyday, and I am sure going to try to write often again. I miss you guys!

So on this beautiful Thursday, let's talk the White Trend!

In the magazines,blogs and on celebrities...I have been noticing all things white are IN.  Which is so funny, cause I decided LAST YEAR I wanted all this white clothing.  Good thing it is all in style now so I can buy it!

Make sure to invest in a good pair of white flared jeans, they go with anything and will look crazy awesome with a pair of wedges! Eeeek I am getting excited already!

White flowy dresses are my absolute favorite for summer and I have been sporting them for years.  They look great with sandles, sneakers or even cowboy boots!

I have noticed EVERYWHERE that there are white cut-out type, loose fitting tops. Very bohemian!

Are you guys going to go White this summer??


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Fashion Munster

Hello lovelies!

I hope you are all doing well.  Lately, I have not been writing much here, and I apologize! I have been busy writing for the onlin fashion magazine called Fashion Munster.

I love writing for it! You should all check it out if you have a chance.  There is everything included; fashion, beauty, health,'s one stop kinda place!

If you have a chance, read some of my writing posts there, it would mean a lot!



Friday Favorites

Oh it's Friday! The best day of the work week.  This weekend I am going to my friend Natalie's Baby Shower & it is also my brothers birthday on the 14th(Happy Birthday Dalton!), and then Saturday afternoon I am going to see my man! Friday is the start to two days of awesomeness. Not to mention I am going to a concert tonight, that should be a barrel of laughs as well!

Things that have been popping into my head lately and make me one happy girl I have listed below, with corresponding photos of course!

Summer is almost here, time for bikinis, campfires, and of course THE BEACH!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend whereever you are!



Guest Blog Post

I had the pleasure of writing a guest post for a wonderful blog!

Make sure you guys read it HERE and tell me what you think!

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Camilla Belle @ The MET Gala

Camilla deserves a seperate post for the MET Gala in NYC.

I love Camilla Belle.

Stunning dress.



Armani Privé gown


The MET Gala 2011

The MET Gala in New York City vibrates with high fashion and creativity.  Oh what I would give to have been there last night!

The stars looked fabulous, and I loved every single one of the outfits!

It is the fashion industry's BIGGEST night of the year. The glitzy Met Ball was in celebration of the opening of the museum’s new costume exhibition "Savage Beauty", which is dedicated to the work of the late Alexander McQueen.

I hope you enjoy the red carpet photos as much as I did


Ashley Olsen wears vintage Christian Dior Haute Couture, Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry and a Judith Leiber clutch.