The best of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, queen of pop, is unafraid to push the boudaries when it comes to fashion.  She does what she wants when she feels like it and inspires everyone around her.  I personally look forward to her red carpet appearences and music videos.  Each one is better and more exciting then the last...

My reason for this post on Gaga is her new album (which I just bought yesterday) and that her infamous "meat" dress is now on display at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Also, in Lady Gaga's newest video she wore vintage Versace.  I have included the video "Edge of Glory" for your enjoyment below!!

I hope you are as Gaga for Gaga as I am!!!



Luxury Blogger Award

I received this cute award from Thatgirlkip. Thanks girl!

I have to tell you:

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7 Random Things about me:
1. I have an obsession with shoes. I literally own a thousand pairs.
2. I really enjoy cotton candy. I could eat it all day everyday.
3. I am shy. Really shy.
4.I love to dance.
5. I sing in my car when no one is around to hear me.
6. I love to cut up old magazines and make collages of fashion inspiration, or put it all in a shoebox for later on.  
7. I have a hope chest in my bedroom full of everything that has meaning to stubs, photos, shoe box, cards, old stuffed animals... 

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Vogue July 2011: Emma Watson

Emma Watson, known for her role in the Harry Potter movies, covers Vogue for July 2011.  For being only 21, this is quite a feat. She has dazzled us with her exciting and unique choices of clothing, and her wonderful pixie cut hair. Emma also modelled for Burberry, and she looked beautiful!

Emma will continue to grow no doubt, after the final installation of the Harry Potter series. I can only expect to see her in many movies going forward. 

Not only is her red carpet style flawless, her street style is equally wonderful.  I have included some of my favorite street style and red carpet looks!

To read some of the Vogue July 2011 interview, CLICK HERE! If you don't have a subscription to Vogue, I would highly suggest picking this one up on newsstands!

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Emma Stone: Elle July 2011

Emma Stone, a newcomer on the fashion and celebrity scene...I personally LOVE her style & bubbly nature. Her movies are a riot and always can make you smile.  I really hope she continues to do well...and I cannot wait to see her in Spiderman! The below photos are from Elle Magazine's website.  Emma is covering the magazine for July 2011 (on newstands June 21). I will be running out to buy that magazine for sure!



Ostrich-feather dress, Versace, necklace, Lanvin.

Happy Birthday Natalie Portman!!

The always beautiful Natalie Portman turns 30 today!!

Favorites Friday

A new idea popped into my head last night, my Friday blog will be filled with photos I have found over the week that influence me, or that I think are just wonderful.  Every Friday I hope to do this :)

Let me know what you think!!