A Celebrity Halloween: 2011 Costumes

The people we look up to for fashion ideas and inspiration can have THE best Halloween costumes. 

This year, I made my costume. I was Black Swan from the wonderful thriller with Natalie Portman.  Sadly, I had nowhere to wear my costume so it's hanging in my closet. 

Halloween is my most favorite day of the year! You can (for one day) be whatever you want, dress however wacky you want, and act...well insane (or whatever floats your boat).  I love dressing up!! When I saw all the lovely photos from some of our favorite celebrities Halloween parties I had to share with all of you!

Happy Halloween readers!! Talk to you soon



Her most intricate Halloween outfit yet? Heidi Klum went all out for her annual party, and was wheeled in to the TAO nightclub on an autopsy table by two blood-spattered doctors
 Next to nothing: Heidi was actually wearing very little, but said she didn't feel naked because it is so colourful
This is Heidi Klum. This costume is SO detailed, and quite scary. I don't think I could pull this off! 
Even more scary about this costume is that she rolled into her party on a trolley, covered by a sheet...being pushed by 2 blood spattered doctors. EEK!

Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy. SO sexy!


Lea Michele as the Swan Queen. What a wonderful costume!! Beautifully made!

Katy Perry
 What did all you readers dress up as? Let me know in the comments! :)


I'm back!

After a long time of no blogging, I must say I missed all of you readers dearly! I recently went to New York City for Teen Vogue. Needless to say it was AMAZING.  I met Ed Westwick, Cameron Diaz, and Rod Stewart! Along with of course wonderful fashion designers and fellow bloggers! 

I loved everywhere I went in NYC, and everyone that I met.  I miss it already, and I have only been home for 3 days! 

I visited the delicious Laduree, the macarons there are to die for! I bought a small box of 6 and wanted more and more everyday.  They were well worth the price! 

 The Teen Vogue office tour was astonishing.  The offices, the books, magazines, art...everything about that place made me want to work there...or at least imagine myself there!! 

I am going to start blogging on a daily basis.  That means fashion/outfit posts, photos of my newest purchases, fashion and beauty news, and of course things that I just love and have to share with all of you! 

To start my time back doing what I love, I am going to share some pictures with you from NYC! 

Enjoy readers :) Talk to you all soon!!