SAG Awards - 2011

Hello readers!!

Last night was the Screen Actors Guild awards...did any of you watch it?  I watched it breifly with my mum last night, and then this morning on-line. 

I really enjoyed some of the actresses outfits!! These shows are so great to watch because of all the great fashion :)

I hope you enjoy this post! I have included some of my favorite photos :)

How was your weekend? Have you made any great new fashion buys you would like to share?

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Natalie Portman is wearing OVER 2 million dollars in Tiffany jewels and in a Azzaro dress.

Red Roses

Hello beloved readers :)

When I started this blog I really did not think anyone would follow me, or even read this! And now look...142 followers in 2 months.  I am so happy and grateful!!

As I mentioned before; I recently purchased the wonderful & amazing Red Roses Garden Collection jacket from H&M on eBay!  It arrived yesterday, and I am absolutely in love!!  The photos are not the best quality but I HAD to share it with you! I apologize for my looks because I was not feeling the greatest!

Thanks my lovelies!! You guys rock my socks off.



Magazine Love - Jan/Feb 2011

I am an addict of magazines. 

I buy them based on who is on the cover, and with a quick glace through them what other features are inside :)

I have purchased a few magazines this month; and there are a few coming out soon I want you to keep your eyes open for!!!

My favorite magazines no matter what: Nylon, Teen Vogue, In Style.

For the love of snowy magazine reading days...this is my January and February 2011 list :)



Favorite Pictures: MK & A Olsen

Everyone my age remembers the Olsen twins.  Basically grew up loving them :) Here are my favorite photos of them!!



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Elizabeth Olsen: Attention at Sundance

Just last week I did a post on Elizabeth Olsen, and now I see she is a breakout star at Sundance. (Thanks to my friend Amy Stone for pointing the article out to me!)

Martha Macy May Marlene and Silent House are TWO of the films at Sundance that Elizabeth is getting attention for. 

I have included a video below :)




My Winter Wonderland of SHOES

Hello readers :)

I have received a few requests to show you guys my "winter shoe collection".  So here it is ... well some of the winter shoes...a lot of them are still packed away from when I moved :)

My spring/summer shoe collection is much bigger and I can show you guys them when I take them out of storage later on this year!!

I have not included a few shoes in this picture that I have not received in the mail yet!!  Probably my favorite shoes yet!

Shoe wishlist:  Studded Louboutin booties & pumps, Pink Hunter boots, Cherry Red Doc Marten's,Jeffrey Campbell Lita's and Black Forever 21 Clogs!!

Thank you for reading, commenting & following!!!

My SoleStruck Shoes wishlist will be up tomorrow :)



Camilla Belle: From Prada to Nada

As some of you may have already realized...Camilla Belle is one of my many girl celebrity crushes.  When I watched 10,000 BC with my boyfriend last year, he said he liked Camilla Belle now since she reminded him of me :) I of course loved this comment especially since I love her style, and basically all her roles in any films she's been in. 

I even cut my hair with bangs like how her hair was like in the movie "Push". 

Camilla has a movie coming out soon, Feb 4th I believe, called "Prada to Nada".  I cannot wait to go to the movies to see it!!!

I have some new, updated photos of her for you guys :)


The Golden Globes 2011

Happy Monday readers!!

I am exhausted today, only because I stayed up until midnight watching the Golden Globes!! I absolutely loved it, although I did not see how/why the Social Network won so many awards...I didnt think it was that good? Thoughts?

Things I was happy about:  Natalie Portman winning Best Actress for her performance in Black Swan. Also, LOVED that Jim Parsons won an award too! I love him in The Big Bang Theory.  He makes me laugh so much!! :)

Here are some of my favorite photos from the event last night!!

Did any of you guys stay up to watch it too? Did you like it?


Beautiful Viktor and Rolf gown covering her wonderful baby bump :) I love Natalie Portman!!!

Elizabeth Olsen

Does the face below look oddly familiar? That's right it's the Olsen twins younger sister Elizabeth!  I figured I had to feature her at least once, she (I think) is going to be on the fashion map soon!  She has starred in a few Mary-Kate and Ashley Adventure movies, Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding, and The Silent House and in The Queen. Perhaps you recognize the name...from Mary-Kate and Ashley's fashion line "Elizabeth and James".

What do you guys think? I think she looks exactly like the twins we all know and love!!


My Hope Chest

Hi guys!

How are all you doing?  It is cold and miserable where I am :(.  I love spring and I cannot wait for it! Rainboots and umbrellas and dancing in the rain..yes please!

In my bedroom, I have a beautiful chest with the British flag on it.  I adore it, and when I first saw it I fell immediately in love, or should I say lust...I went back to the store right before Christmas and bought it!! And now it is MINE.  With all my favorite things inside.

So I decided to share some of the things I keep in it :)  Not everything though, it still needs some secrecy to it...

I hope you enjoy!!



Blogger Interview Winners!

After finding not one but TWO randomly generated winners for TWO interviews for February 2011 (my surprise for the people who entered)...the winners are:

Francesca from Opinion Slave


Kinsey Michaels from Kinseym

Congratulations girls!!

Thank you for everyone who entered this little contest!! It was really fun to do, and I am sure I will do something similar in the future...perhaps a very cool giveaway in let's say TWO WEEKS! That's not a hint or anything...:)



A Chanel Blizzard

Hello beloved readers!

I was going to venture outside today to take outfit photos turns out there is a blizzard and I am just too cozy and warm in my home to go out in that crazyness!

The jacket I am wearing is a vintage Chanel jacket I received from my Nanny a few years ago!  I love raiding her mom's closet is just as good :) Never know what you may find!

I also am wearing red tights, which is kind of my trademark, I met my boyfriend 1 and a half years ago wearing these tights :) I think they are good luck!!

The skirt I am wearing I got at a vintage store, just part of a school uniform, but I think it looks great!

My shoes are from Spring and I absolutely love them!

What do you guys think of this outfit? How's the weather where you are?

Thank you for reading, commenting and following! You guys make me so happy :)

My Newest Obsession

Lykke Li, who I literally JUST found about, is AMAZING!! I have been missing out for sure! I listen to basically all the below video and let me know if you like it!


Leighton Meester - Exciting news!

As I mentioned in my previous post there is pretty exciting news for Leighton Meester! She is the face of Vera Wang's newest fragrance AND the newest face of Missoni!! How exciting is this? I can't wait to see all the ads and smell Vera Wang's new scent! Personally I love Vera Wang Princess, it is so warm and delicous smelling!

xo  -H

Natalie Portman - Miss Dior Cherie

Natalie Portman is one of my all-time favorite actresses.  When i heard all her exciting news (pregnancy and engagement) I was excited, but now this! Natalie Portman is the face of Miss Dior Cherie, which is one of my favorite perfumes!  It absolutely made my day!!! The ad campaign will come out in March! Cannot wait!

I hope all of you are having wonderful Wednesdays! Almost the weekend thank goodness! I am going to see my man on Friday :)

What is your favorite perfume?


(Small extra tidbit; Leighton Meester is the face of Vera Wang's new fragrance as well!)


Hello again readers!!

Here is my second post, todays outfit!

I love these pants, they are so different plus very comfortable!! They are from H&M!! My velvet short jacket is vintage, and the shoes I am wearing are dollhouse!

I hope you guys enjoy my outfit posts :) Let me know what you think about them!! And feel free to ask anything you like :)

I will be announcing the winner of my interview contest tomorrow! Good luck to all who entered!




Hello beloved readers!

As promised, here is my outfit from yesterday! It is hard to tell on the body shot, but there are gorgeous sequins and beads on the shoulder of this dress (which is from H&M).  I wore it with high socks bunched down, and combat boots :)

Thank you for reading, following, and commenting!!



Tomorrow's Post

Hey readers!!!

I promised an outfit post this evening but I am much too tired to upload the photos tonight :( Plus being super sick they kinda look icky!! I will be posting TWO  looks tomorrow night :)

Thanks for commenting, & following!! I love you all!


My 2011 Wishlist

Ladies & Gents,

I love shopping, especially online. Very addicting! I thought I would show you guys whats on my wishlist for this year (so far)! I will be posting another outfit tonight :) I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for your lovely comments & for following me!!



Today was was insane! Felt like the day went by so quickly, yet I had so much work to do...on a positive note thank you all for your wonderful comments on my 1st blog outfit post!! You really make my day :)

I chose this outfit because I really LOVE black jumpsuits, and I got this fabulous one from H&M for 30 dollars!! The red blazer is vintage, bag is a Foley and Corinna jetsetter tote, and the wonderful heels are Harajuku Lovers!

The tote might be familiar to some of you! Blair wore it in the first season of Gossip Girl, which is why I ordered it!

Thanks for all your love, comments and following me :) xoxo

Much love,

First Outfit Post EVER : Jeffrey Campbell Wedges

Hello fashionable readers!!! You guys make my heart smile :) I love all your comments & I really appreciate you guys following me.

This is my first ever outfit post, and I hope you enjoy it :)

I received Jeffrey Campbell Tick Wedges from and I absolutely LOVE them!!! The studs are magnificent, and they fit like a dream.  Not to mention I am now taller then my Dad...:) I love being tall!

The bodysuit i am wearing is from American Apparel, and Megan Fox is known to have worn it on the cover of the Rolling Stone!  I love blazers so I paired a simple black Old Navy blazer with black denim looking leggings with a chain necklace I bought last year!

My lovely brother Dalton took these photos for me! What do you guys think? Just a short post...can't wait to do more!!!

Thank you for reading, following & commenting!!!


Looking for a blogger to interview!

Hello Fashionable Readers :)

I am looking for a fashion blogger to interview on my blog for the end of January! 

If you are interested comment with your e-mail address and blog URL.

Must be a fashion blogger
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Winner for the interview will be chosen at random :)

Thanks for reading & good luck!!


Girl Crush - Betty from the Blog De Betty

Hello fashionable readers! I will be posting my FIRST outfit post tomorrow, and I must say I am very excited.

I love reading other peoples blogs, and when I found Betty from the Blog de Betty which you can access Here I fell in love :) Not real love...more like fashion love!

Her outfits are impeccable, and she is very creative.  I hope you guys all like her blog as much as I do!

Can't wait to post my outfit tomorrow for you all :) I hope you enjoy it!!

Thank you for reading & following! xoxo

Easy A - Emma Stone

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year!!!  Sorry I have not posted recently, but the holiday season sure makes this girl busy! Did you get everything you wanted from Santa :) ?

Over the holidays I watched Easy A with my boyfriend and I ADORED it! Such a funny movie, and not your typical teen film.  My favorite line was " I wish my life was like an 80's movie".  I sure wish my life was! The 80's look like they were such fun :)

Emma Stone was the leading lady in Easy A, and she did a wonderful job! She graced the recent cover of Nylon as well.  I think we should all put her on our fashion radars if you haven't already!!

She is 22 years old, and has starred in popular films like The House Bunny, Zombieland, Superbad, and is currently filming for the new Spiderman movie!!!

I have found some great photos of her, I hope you like them!

What do you guys think of her style?

Thank you for following & commenting! You guys are great!!