CFDA " You Can't Fake Fashion" Totes

On Friday, July 8th I received a newsletter regarding a special edition tote from CFDA for eBay to fight counterfeit bags.  Of course I was over joyed and excited to see these bags! There were over 50 contributing designers, and the bags were all $150. The totes went on sale on Monday, July 11th in the Fashion Vault! I was planning to buy one of the designer ones, but they sold out fast! I bought the limited edition plain tote for only $35 and I plan to decorate it myself with studs, glitter, lace and applicae flowers! It will be my own one of a kind design to fight the counterfeit bags that are harming the fashion world!

The limited edition plain totes are still available! Log in and get yourself one before they are all gone!

Enjoy your totes! What are your plans if you do get one? Will you decorate it yourself?



The plain tote! Only 35$

Fashion Munster Online Fashion Magazine

Hello my lovely readers,

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I am now a Fashion and Beauty Editor for Fashion Munster Online Fashion Magazine!

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Choice Beauty Picks

Sorry for my long absence from blogging.  I am currently writing for Fashion Munster Online Fashion Magazine.  I would suggest you look it up and read :)

There are many exciting things coming up that I will be sure to share with all of you very soon!

This post is about my newest and greatest beauty buys from Sephora!

Let me know what products you have used before and what you think!



Bumble and bumble surf spray....
Using this product to get my hair looking like a surfer girl, with beautiful wild curls & waves!
This spray actually contains salt water!!!

Make your hair look like this!