Lily Collins: The New Snow White & Up and coming Fashion Icon

Hello babes,

I have done a small post on Lily Collins in the past.  She is the daughter of Phil Collins, and is well known for her thick eyebrows, natural beauty and wonderful fashion choices.

Lily is in the newest rendition of "Snow White" and stars opposite of Kristen Stewart and Julia Roberts. I am very excited to see this movie, I have always loved Snow White...but I imagine this will be just my style!

She is also starring in "Abduction" a movie she is in with the one and only Taylor Lautner!!!

Lily was also on June, 2011 issue of Tatler magazine.  I didn't have a chance to buy since I live in Canada and Tatler is hard to come by :(

I hope you enjoy the photos guys! She always inspires me in some way or another!



Slacker & Inspirations

My beloved readers,

I am so sorry! I have been slacking big time...I haven't wrote a blog post in a while and I feel terrible about it!

On an exciting note, I have been writing for an online fashion magazine! Fashion Munster. It really is great, but it sucks me dry of "blog time". I am just so busy! I promise more posts this month and from now on! I really miss networking and talking to other bloggers!

This post is all about what inspires me.

Basically, what celebrities and models make me go "wow" and "I should try that". Street style and other bloggers are a HUGE influence on me.  I absolutely love seeing what other people's lives and style is like. Photos I see on the internet that I just adore! Really everything in life has a chance of inspiring me in some way or another!

I do have other inspirations, apart from the rich and famous. My mother, and my grandmothers inspire me greatly.  They are all fabulous and strong women, and I hope that when I am older I am just the tiniest bit like them!

I hope you guys enjoy the below photos!

Much love,