Natalie Portman : Wedding Bells ?

Natalie Portman is my all time favorite actress, she always dresses like a woman should and she is extremely talented! 

Her role in Black Swan was one of my favorites of hers. 

She recently had a son, Aleph, with her dancer boyfriend (now husband) Benjamin Millepied. 

Natalie met Benjamin on the set of Black Swan, and was soon pregnant with her son Aleph (born in June). 

The two love birds were spotted at the 2012 Academy Awards wearing what looked like matching wedding bands. The couple have made no comment so far, so this is just speculation. It does seem like something Natalie would want though, as she kept her son a secret after he was born and wasn't seen by press for many months.

Check out the photo below from and let me know what you think. Did they get married?