Candy Colour Gloss Shines by Daniel Hersheson

 Pixie Geldof tweeting a photo yesterday of her new Candy Colour "wash in wash out".

Um, I need this in my life! 

Check out her tweet: HERE

Basically this wash gives your hair a pastel tint! I need it. I want it. I have GOT to have it! 

The formulas are rinse-in/rinse-out and come fantastic colours such as peach, baby blue, baby pink and lilac.

Sad thing is I may never get my hands on this miracle wash... it doesn't seem to be available online yet and may only ship to the UK! Ahhh! 

Good luck to those who live in the UK (I'm not jealous...not at all....) let us know if you buy the product and use it! 



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James Franco : Men's Style Inspiration

I often get requests to help men with their style. 

Besides Ryan Gosling, James Franco is always dressed really unique but still looks great! He's not just your ordinary actor that's for sure

But in all honesty, this post can help men but is also a little eye candy for the women readers of my blog as well! 

James Franco is enrolling in the University of Houston in Fall 2012. In other news...I'm moving to Houston ;)

Enjoy the photos! 



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Keira Knightley is ENGAGED!

Yep, you read right! Keira Knightley is now engaged to her boyfriend of just 15 months, James Righton, a keyboardist and singer for the Klaxons.

Keira is hardly ever talked about in tabloids, she keeps mostly to herself. Which is rare to see in celebrities. 

I basically love every movie that Keira has been in, and not to mention her fashion sense is impeccable. 

Let's have a quick look back on Keira Knighley's style! I wonder what her wedding will be like? The dress? Oh so exciting! 


The Great Gatsby

It's finally here. 

The Great Gatsby trailer! 

Watch and see why everyone is talking about this film...

Personally, I think this is one of the greatest films ever made for fashion. The glitz, the glam, the 20's...

I really don't think I'll be able to wait until CHRISTMAS to see this! I might die. A little extreme yes, but I am so overly excited for this. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 



Billboard Awards: 2012

The Billboard Awards were this past weekend, did any of you tune in to watch?

There was a magical dedication to Whitney Houston! 

Of course, I must show you the fashion of the event.

Miley Cyrus has been getting heat over her Jean Paul Gaultier blazer that she wore to the event, personally I loved the look! It was young and stylish. 

Which was your favorite? 


Miss Taylor Swift, AKA Woman of the Year, looking elegant in red.

Justin Bieber looking...rough.

Carrie Underwood looking gorgeous in a ball gown. She reminds me of a cupcake princess! But in a good way

Katy Perry looks like a mermaid here, absolutely perfect. Notice her dark lips too? Definite trend since the MET gala
Zooey Deschanel in her signature black tights. I love this outfit!

Carly Rae Jepsen, looking not so "stand out-ish" in a nude dress. I was expecting something bright and colourful from her! She still looks nice though.

Miley Cyrus. Oh I just love this look. Fashion is an art form and this girl takes it to the next level. Always daring, and willing to try new things. My #1 from the event!
Julianne Hough, looking pretty in a sparkle dress!

Usher. I'm actually really loving this bright blue suit. But I don't enjoy the shirt he's wearing underneath. I wish it was white or black! The jean look looks off.


Where I live there is an area near a school where there is tons of colourful and interesting graffiti. I thought it was the perfect backdrop for some edgy photos! 

I am wearing my most favorite American Apparel bodysuit (seen on Megan Fox), leather shorts from Forever21 and Prada shoes.

Do you have lots of graffiti in your town?



Ford has a fantastic little vehicle out's called the Fiesta! 

It's cute, and fast. Plus is has great gas mileage. 

It's almost like driving a go-cart...but in a good way! 

Ford gave me the Fiesta for just under a week so I could share my experience with all of you lovely readers. So this is what I have to say about the 2012 Fiesta! 

  • It's adorable! 
  • It's quick, and speeds up lightning fast
  • It has blue lighting on the inside where your cupholders and feet are. Which actually is really nice when driving at night!
  • If you're looking to feel safe while driving this is the car for you! 
  • Great gas mileage
  • Remote, keyless entry
  • Feel super cool (like you're driving a really expensive car) by NOT having to use keys to start the car...all you do it push a button! 
  • Smooth ride
  • Siruis radio - Always a plus when the radio is playing the same songs over and over! 
  • The interior of the Fiesta Ford gave to me was black and white contrast leather. It was very stylish! The inside alone sold me on the car!
  • Something small, that I haven't seen before was that unlocking/locking of the car doors was actually by a button on the dash where the radio was. It was different, but I liked it! 
  • Connects to your cell phone so you can drive and talk SAFELY

  • It's a compact car, so it is smaller than most. If you're looking for a big spacious car, this probably isn't the one for you!  
All in all, this was a great little car for the long weekend! It felt great to save on gas while driving to see our friends! If you're looking for a new car, go test drive the Fiesta; it does not disappoint! 

Enjoy and thanks to Ford Canada! 


My Top Fashion Picks

It's a rainy day where all I want to do is cuddle up in a blanket with some hot chocolate and watch Sex and the City. 

So to keep myself occupied on my lunch at work I was online shopping, which can be 100% disastrous!

I thought I would start to share my fashion choices with you guys so that you can shop what I shop! 

Enjoy, and let me know what your favorite pieces are!