Water Fae

My friend and photographer, Sam Miller always has beautiful ideas when it comes to taking my photo.Now, I am not the best model...I do a lot of questioning of "what to do" but she always talks me through everything. But I would most definitely recommend her to anyone looking for professional photos!

In the below photos I am wearing the most beautiful dress. It's Betsey Johnson (which makes me sad since she's gone bankrupt, but at least now I have a piece of history!) and was worn in the movie "The Vow" by the beautiful Rachel McAdams!

The area we took the photos in is a secluded, almost secret spot in the country and down a very frightening path (for a city girl anyways). 

What do you think of the dress? Did you see the movie "The Vow"?



Miley Cyrus : Weekly Inspiration

Every week (every day really) I get inspired by something new and exciting. 

Sometimes, it's a stranger on the street with fabulous pink hair wearing Doc Martens, and other times it might be someone famous like Miley Cyrus or Blake Lively. 

This week, I am so inspired by Miley Cyrus's style. Have you checked our her twitter page recently? The girl is rockin vintage Chanel and wearing lots of sexy American Apparel clothing. Besides the fact I love her tweets (hello positive thinker!) I really look forward to her photos! She really isn't afraid to voice her opinion, and in a world with people who jump on bandwagons and are so completely closed minded...this makes me love her even more (as a person, not only as a singer/style icon/actress).

Enjoy this week's inspiration! If you want to buy a piece she's wearing let me know! I have the list of where to buy the items (most of them anyways)



“Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are, it solely relies on what you think.” - Buddha

Full House Favorites: Michelle Tanner

One of my all time favorite shows, Full House, still makes me laugh so hard I end up looking like a seal, clapping and not making any noise.

Michelle Tanner was my favorite character, and probably is the reason I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen so much! 

Here are some of my favorite Full House photos and GIF's.

Enjoy, I hope they make you giggle!



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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen : Rare Photos

I have a file on my computer that is full of rare and so beautiful photos of our favorite twins. Slowly, I will show you all of them :) 

I have some below for your viewing pleasure.