StyleMint December Showroom

The first of every month is always an exciting day. It's the day that all of the "Mint" family release their new items. Personally, StyleMint is usually my favorite with ShoeMint right behind it. 

This month, the StyleMint Hester Jacket and the Gypsy Kimono in black are my 2 favorite picks.

Black is one of those colours that go with anything and everything, it's like a blank canvas. The Hester jacket has leather sleeves and the small zip details on the jacket make it unique and wearable for everyday use. Personally, I love wearing leather jackets with a cool vintage tee over top of my black "ballerina" dress. It's my go-to outfit when I need to run errands. Edgy plus that little bit of feminine that we all strive for.

The Gypsy Kimono is going to go quickly, you can get it in silver, red or black. It's a rare item to find, and I am so pleased that StyleMint has it! Kimono's are so utterly classy and divine. You can wear them while dressing casual or even over your Christmas dress during the Holiday season. 

Head on over to and sign up today! The December showroom is going to sell out quickly!

Hair Envy : Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart's hair.

I have hair envy. I won't deny it. Her hair is so California beach girl, it's amazing and looks flawlessly undone. It's wavy and cool. I tried the look out on my own hair and it actually worked! I have naturally wavy hair, all I used was some Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and Bumble and Bumble Undressing Creme and voila! and Kristen Stewart hair do. 

She always parts her hair on one side and pushed majority of her hair to the opposite side, it looks so punk-rock chic. I totally see why Balenciaga chose her as the face of Florabotanica

To achieve Kristen Stewart hair follow these simple steps:
Wash hair as normal and comb out
Spray in Surf Spray
Put hair in a messy, wet bun. 
Let your hair air-dry in the bun.
Take your hair down and you'll have natural and beachy waves.
Find where your natural side-part is.
Part your hair and move majority of your hair over to the opposite side.
Use some Undressing creme and "flounce" your hair up a bit to give it volume and use hairspray if necessary.
Add a small braid a la Kristen Stewart at the Teen Choice Awards if you'd like.
You're all done!

Musical Friday

I only recently discovered Sky Ferreira, and I instantly fell in love with not only her voice, but her style and overall look. 

Love this girl!

Happy Friday!

Keds + Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a household name, you hear her songs on every radio station and probably know all the words. Her songs can make you laugh and cry. Her style is sweet and feminine. 

Taylor has teamed up with the always fabulous Keds for a pair of Limited Edition RED Keds. Um, hello must have!

Taylor has been seen wearing them out and about and they are available for purchase at various places!

If you have a pair, make sure to take a photo and tweet to @Keds to share the love!

Check out the Keds site for more information!

Blair Waldorf Fashion Files : Headband Collection

Season 1 and 2 of Gossip Girl were the best seasons, simply because of the fashion. But in all honesty, it was because of Blair's fashion, her headband collection specifically. That girl sure knows how to pull together an outfit doesn't she? Blair ignited a headband frenzy. You can buy them everywhere now, and girls still use them as their fashion staples (including myself). I had the luck of owning a few of the headbands actually wore on the show, of course they are top of my list of favorite things.

In the other seasons of Gossip Girl, Blair wore headbands as well but not as often as when she was still going to Constance. Our B has grown up! 

Since Gossip Girl is coming to an end (cue the sob fest) I thought we could have a look back on some of Blair's outfits that in! A collection of pure perfection. 

My personal favorite outfit of Blair's is her Season 2 Alice + Olivia Floral Dress with her floral scarf headband. I own the dress, and it is one of my most favorite items in my entire closest.

Crillon Debutante Ball 2012

I thoroughly look forward to this event every year. It's full of fashion and beautiful glittery things, how could I not love it?

It's so lovely to see young women dressed to the nines in fancy fashion. My favorite Debutante of all time was Lily Collins. That is when my girl crush started with the girl with the "brows".

This year, I was not disappointed.

Glitz, glamour and Christian Louboutin in Paris with lovely girls from around the world.

Leopold Coppieters and Celine Buckens
Christian Louboutin
Earl Brando Brandolini and Isabella Mattos
Justine Vilgrain 
Lan Vy Tran
Gregorie Schnerb and Lara Lau

Talicia Martins
Zoe Bleu Sidel 
Photos via Tatler

Ain't No Wifey

I spotted this shirt and have decided I need it. 

Not only because it is fabulous but because it totally suits me. 

I ain't no wifey! 

So Santa, here's the link: HERE

Weekly Wisdom

Vogue Russia August 2012

Cara Delevingne by Greg Lotus