Coveting : Dime Piece

I am obsessed with Dimepiece. Obsessed. I'm not even exaggerating.

If you love the model of the moment, Cara Delevingne, than you've already heard of DimePiece because Cara wears it ALL THE TIME! Miley Cyrus has even been tweeting her love of DimePiece too, so pretty sure you should get on the DimePiece train if you haven't already. 

The above photos are what I am currently coveting from DimePiece! I already have the "Ain't No Wifey" tee and basically I haven't taken it off since I received it. OBSESSED.

Cara Delevingne is seriously a girl to watch. She walked basically every major show during the worldwide fashion weeks, and even starred in Anna Karenina! She has amazing personal style and flair. Cara was first seen sported DimePiece during Paris Fashion Week backstage (Ain't No Wifey) and the shirt has been on my wishlist since. 

I love how Cara can mix high end with low end merch and still look super fab. 

Back to DimePiece! DimePiece expresses female empowerment, and what girl doesn't want to wear a brand  that embodies female power? 

Shop DimePiece HERE

And let's end this blog post with Cara Delevingne doing the Harlem Shake. Because I said so.

Queen Delevingne

I am a tee shirt queen. I love wearing tee shirts, there's something so sexy about a woman wearing a tee shirt!

Currently lusting over this "Queen Delevingne" tee by Black Score that was seen all over London Fashion Week. It was worn front row by Rita Ora at the Burberry show! 

Fashion "It" Girl : Steph from FAIIINT

Steph, from the fashion blog FAIIINT is incredibly talented. She has a unique sense of style, and definitely stands out in the sea of fashion bloggers. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing her for my series of posts of influential fashion bloggers. 

You can find her blog HERE

Tell us about yourself, what you do and where you live,
I currently live in Leicester, a small city in England & currently I would say I am a fashion blogger/illustrator/barmaid!

How do you describe the fashion scene where you live in comparison to other fashion capitals? As an individual stylesetter, does your personal style get you recognized in your home town?
As Leicester is quite small, there isn’t really much of a fashion scene here. The majority of girls here are into fake hair, nails, tans, pink & anything overly girly, so yeah, I guess I do kinda stick out here with my pale skin & head to toe black outfits!

Tell us about your shoe/clothing/accessories collection.
Black, black & more black! My clothes mostly fall into 3 categories – draped, tight or tailored. Shoes have always been my weakness though & I’m pretty proud of my huge collection, I prefer chunky heels or wedges & have a massive variety of brands, from Topshop, ASOS & H&M to Finsk, Rick Owens, Marc Jacobs & Vivienne Westwood.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you.
I have brachydactyly type d or ‘clubbed thumbs’ – I used to be so embarrassed of them when I was younger & hid them all the time, but now I don’t mind them at all, they’re just another little quirk. I also recently found out that Megan Fox has them too, so it can’t be all bad!

If you could go back in time, to any date when/where would you go and why?
Probably the 60s, Andy Warhol is my idol & I would have loved to have hung around at The Factory with all the workers & superstars!

What is your go-to beauty regimen? What products do you use?
My skin is pretty bad if I don’t cleanse & tone properly, so I’m quite strict with my cleansing routine. I use Liz Earle’s cleanse & polish for removing my makeup, Clarins cleanser, toner & moisturiser for oily skin & various facemasks & exfoliators throughout the week too.
My look is the same whether I’m going shopping or on a night out, natural looking base, dark brows & lots of eyeliner!  I use NARS oil free primer, Chanel Aqua foundation, YSL Touche Eclat for highlighting, Chanel pressed powder, MAC brow pencil & blush, Rimmel eyeliner & MaxFactor masterpiece mascara.

A healthy lifestyle is very important. What do you do to stay healthy?
Honestly, this is my worst trait, I am so un-healthy! Being blessed with a really good metabolism has made me pretty lazy when it comes to exercise & healthy food. My main exercise is going for long walks & biking with my dog Nico. As for food, I’m vegetarian, but my favourite foods are junk like pasta & pizza!  I do love green tea though!

What is your next “must have” purchase?
I really want a nice, minimalist kimono inspired jacket, like the ones seen at Haider Ackermann & Dion Lee.

What is the ultimate showpiece in your closet?
Definitely my Bracher Emden clutch or belt, they’re like works of art & so unique. They always get stares or people wanting to know where they’re from when I wear them!

What’s on your playlist, bookshelf, and DVD player at the moment?
I’m currently reading ‘Evolution in Action’ by Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu, watching ‘Primer’ & listening to a lot of old favourites like The Pixies, Radiohead & Soundgarden.

How do you choose what to wear each day? 
I don’t really have much of a process. I usually have an idea in my head of a specific piece I want to wear that day, say shoes, a dress or a certain piece of jewelry & then I’ll just build the rest of the look around that. If it’s a special occasion though, I’ll spend ages trying on practically everything in my wardrobe, in lots of different combinations until I’m finally happy. Though, I think we all do that, don’t we?!

What can’t you live without?
My makeup bag, and my eyeliner in particular. I don’t feel myself without my face done & a heavy ring of kohl around my eyes!
Next place you want to travel to and why?
Without a doubt Japan, I’ve wanted to go since I was little. I’d like to do Tokyo of course, but also places like Hokkaido & Kyoto. The culture has always fascinated me and I am a little obsessed with Japanese fashion & movies, so I’d love to get to experience it all myself.

What would you say to someone seeking general fashion advice?
Wear what you feel good in, what makes you feel most ‘you’, regardless of if it’s ‘in fashion’ or not.  

What is your everyday routine?
No two days are really the same but in general it’s - Wake up, check emails & social media, blog, take Nico for a walk, lunch, shoot outfit post, relax, dinner, work & then bed!

What inspired you want to start a blog?
I’d lost my creativity & hunger after finishing my fashion degree, I’d always wanted to work in fashion but suddenly found myself feeling like I couldn't imagine anything worse! I knew I had to get my passion for it back & so I started the blog as a way to help me rediscover my love for it.

What colour best describes your personality and why?
I guess I’d have to say black. It’s dark, moody, intense, dramatic, and yet it’s quiet & blends in too. One of my favourite quotes by Yohji Yamamoto sums it up perfectly - “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all black says this: "I don’t bother you - don’t bother me".”

What do you do in your spare time?
A lot of my spare time is now taken up with blogging, but I also love to do all the usual things like hang out with friends, watch movies, read a good book, draw & paint, travel & play with my puppy Nico.  

What’s your motto?
Treat others how you wish to be treated yourself.

If you had the chance, right now, to create a fashion collection; what would it look like? Who would be your muse?
I’d honestly have to say I’d just design it for myself, a whole collection of pieces I’d personally love to wear. So I’m sure you can imagine what it’d be like – lots of black, draping, tailoring, leathers, textures & killer black boots!

Fashion Essential : Distressed Black Denim

My fashion essential has always been a good pair of black jeans. It's not always practical to go run errands in heels and a pretty dress, besides my style is pretty versatile and I bet yours is too! Back to the black jeans, they go with basically everything and can make your outfit grungey, yet super chic.

My choice pair of black distressed denim are these fabulous TEXTILE Elizabeth and James Ripped Midnight DEBBIE Jeans 

SPOTTED : Ashley Olsen in Paris & Vanity Fair Party

Ashley Olsen was out for the Vanity Fair Oscars Party on Sunday evening, and then she was spotted this morning landing in Paris, France at the Charles de Gauelle Airport. I just spotted her during the LIVE H&M Fashion show from Paris! 

She looks beyond chic, I always love how her hair is so simply put back. It makes her features more pronounced on her face. LOVE IT!

Ashley was spotted sitting in the VIP section with Carine Roitfeld at the H&M show wearing a white oversized top, black trousers and a gold bangle. 

She sported a fabulous black ensemble at the Vanity Fair party and was seen with Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas. 

And lastly, at the airport she was looking more fresh than I would after that long flight! She was wearing an amazing green fur coat and the covetable black and white bag she's been wearing the past few times I've seen street style photos of her.

Trending : Patterned Bottoms

Mixing prints, being daring, standing out... that's what this trend is all about. Patterned pants, skirts, and trousers are being seen everywhere and it looks as amazing as it sounds.

Some of my favorite pants are patterned and it really makes my outfits pop when I wear them. Just that little bit of extra edge that every girl loves to have!

Celebs Sporting the Trend

Get the look with these budget friendly picks!

Patterned Denim

Patterned Trousers

Patterned Skirts

My Personal Faves

Pretty Little Liars GIVEAWAY

Time for a...


Up for grabs is this fabulous feather earring as worn by Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars Season 1. It is made by Owlita and retails for about 128$. 

I thought that with the Season Finale of PLL coming up soon it would be great fun to host a giveaway based on one of my favorite characters on the show. 

This contest is open internationally, and ends on March 18th at midnight EST.  The winner will be announced on March 19th during the evening of the finale episode!


Follow these rules for the basic one entry:

Comment below with your e-mail address and who's style on the show is your favorite.

For an extra 5 entries do the following:
Comment with you YouTube name after you've followed to secure your extra 5 entries.

That's it! 

Good luck to all of you. 

VS Angel Miranda Kerr : LIVE on Huffington Post

Miranda Kerr is talking style, sexy, Orlando and Victoria's Secret LIVE on HuffingtonPost!

Watch below

Fashion Editorial : Miami Heat, Vogue Australia Feb 2013

Fashion editorials are so lively and fun. 

I really enjoyed the "Miami Heat" editorial with Cameron Russell in the Vogue Australia February 2013 issue. It just reminds me of what a more glam beach girl would dress like.

I like to feature old/new fashion editorials every week because I find they are very inspirational and they get my creativity going.

Natalie Portman : Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Natalie Portman in Dior, Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Natalie Portman made quite the entrance at last night's Vanity Fair Oscars party! I was kind of disappointed that I didn't see her on the red carpet at the actual Oscars, but this Natalie sighting was a great one. She looks absolutely stunning in this Dior and those tassel drop earrings are to die for. 

Dior Make-Up + Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman wore Diorshow Iconic Overcurl (the best mascara in the world!), Mono Eye Shadow and Eye Liner Art Pen in the newest Dior campaign.

Check out the Dior Mag here with the full feature: HERE

Get the look:

Weekly Wisdom

Deborah Lippmann + GIRLS

Deborah Lippmann has done it yet again. Girls HBO nail polish.

What character from Girls are you?

Buy this new nail polish set HERE

Miss Dior : La Vie en Rose

Natalie Portman perfectly embodies Miss Dior in exactly the way Christian Dior intended.

It's no secret that Natalie is my favorite actress. When I heard the news that she was the going to be the face 

of Miss Dior, I knew the campaigns were going to be perfection. I mean, it's Natalie Portman! The girl is 

classy and has that look...

The below photos/videos are from the newest Miss Dior campaign, and it is absolutely a dream!


Crushin' on PLUM


It's a beautiful, and very happy colour.

I like to wear plum accessories and plum jackets/coats.

Here are some PLUM coloured inspiration photos for you to enjoy! Soon you'll be crushin' on plum too!