Bullies in Stilettos

This is something I've had on my mind for a very long time. People being mean. It's mostly girls being mean to other girls, but it's very unnessesary. Being mean or looking down on someone will not get you any farther in life. In fact, when you look back on the mean and rude moments you'll probably feel disgusted at yourself.

I have found in my fashion career that being myself, my 100% genuine "me", has gotten me farther than I could ever have imagined. I've never been mean, or talked badly about someone. I certainly have been the target of what I'd like to call "bullies in stilettos", but I have never resorted to talking badly or talking down on someone. No one deserves that.

In the fashion world, those fashion greats will notice you if you stay kind and completely yourself. Being jealous and having a hateful spirit will give you early wrinkles, and will put you back a few years in terms of accomplishing something. When people called me one of a kind, told me I had the most beautiful and kind heart, the loveliest smile and the best laughter - Well,  I kept all these comments close to my heart when things in life got a little dark. Being my 100% original self, helped me meet some of my fashion icons. I will admit, when you are feeling a little dark and feeling a little lost - the hate might come out. But just grab a green tea, do some yoga, read a book or take a bubble bath. You'll feel revitalized and almost back to your positive self. 

The fashion world sometimes makes you feel a little lost, and a little invisible. But if you stay true to yourself, and your own personal voice, you'll do just fine! Jealousy and insecurity comes hand in hand, and usually the meanness stems after the jealousy has gotten too out of control. Social media is an easy way to attract bullies in stilettos. Just ignore the haters, and focus on the positive! Just remember that these haters are fighting their own battles, and sadly they are taking it out on you.

Everyone struggles, and when you look back on your life - the struggle will be the most beautiful part. Whatever demons you are facing right now, you can get past it. Stay positive. Stay kind, because kindness does still exist. You can always find kindness right here on The Brunette Shake if you're ever feeling a little negative.

Dress Like Emma Watson for Less

Dress Like Emma Watson for Less,

Dress like Emma for less! There's no need to spend thousands on achieving the perfect feminine yet edgy look. You can achieve Emma's look for less than $100! It's all about savvy shopping, ladies! 


So we all see Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen on the red carpet with the most beautiful and unique jewelry you could possibly imagine. They design jewelry for their high end line, The Row, but it's not quite in the average girl's budget.
I hope you're sitting down...
Ashley and Mary-Kate have launched a studio series collection with JewelMint and each piece is under 40$. I repeat, EACH PIECE IS UNDER 40$.
There's also a fabulous discount code floating around right now for first time buyers, it's B1G1, you buy one and get one free!
It was definately hard to choose just two pieces to order, but I finally decided on the Pavo and Pegasus Earrings. They're absolutely sensational!
The best part of the collection is that it's inspired by the cosmo's which is fabulous news to a telescope toting star-gazer like myself.
In a recent interview with Lucky Magazine, the two shared their design philosophy. “We focused on minimalist designs that can be mixed, matched and layered, yet are strong enough to wear on their own,” says Mary Kate. Like the twins’ designs from their other lines, these new pieces, which were inspired by and named after celestial formations, are refined and elegant, the perfect statement pieces to wear for years to come.
Lucky: All the jewelry in this collection features tiny scattered stones. What inspired that?
Ashley Olsen: We drew inspiration from constellations and created versatile pieces that transition easily from day to night.
Mary-Kate Olsen: We focused on minimalist designs that can be mixed, matched and layered, yet are strong enough to wear on their own.
If you could only save one piece of jewelry from your own personal collections, which would you pick and why?
AO: Every piece of jewelry has special meaning to me. I would never be able to choose just one.
How would you choose to style the jewelry you've designed?
AO: I love the idea of layering structured pieces with the more delicate ones. Pair the Hydra bangle with the Lynx hand chain.
MKO: If you have multiple earring holes, wear a pair of the Pyxis drop earrings in the same ear for an asymmetrical look.
Let's talk about the bags. Why little pouches rather than some other (perhaps larger) shape?
AO: We always design with functionality in mind. Each pouch can be carried as a clutch or used to hold everyday items, including makeup and jewelry.
What are a few things you always keep in your own clutches?
AO: My phone, credit card, keys and Cle de Peau concealer.
MKO: Glossier lip gloss, Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip lip liner, keys, my phone and a credit card.


Welcome to New York

One of my favorite places is New York City. The culture, the people... everything about the place has me hooked. I mean, the smell of hot garbage and that one time I got mugged on the subway kind of makes the con list -- but in all seriousness, New York City inspires.
Taylor Swift's new CD "1989"'s first track is "Welcome to New York". It is one of my favorites on her album.
Taylor has collaborated with nycgo.com and created some pretty neat videos with her favorite places etc. It's definately worth checking out!

Rant | Bring Pretty Back

When did being sexy and practically naked become a sign of beauty? I don't understand it personally. I mean, my icons are people like Audrey Hepburn and my grandmother. Elegant, timeless women.
I really wish we could bring back pretty, bring back accentuating the natural beauty of a woman and her figure and not make it all about sex and becoming what men lust after.
We need to show our power by staying pretty. Honestly, I have no dream of being seen as a sex pot. I want to be seen as a professional, beautiful, powerful, elegant woman with class. 
This rant is coming from the pit of my stomach after seeing what my 12 year old sister thinks is gorgeous and pretty. After looking at her social media accounts, I noticed how sex is so extremely prevalent with her and her friends. I'm not sure if it's influenced by music, or videos... But they have access to anything they want because they are all glued to their iPods constantly. They see the pro-anorexia, sexting posts and so much more... They have access to all this material in a one simple tap on their screen.
Can't we bring back the beauty? Looking up to real, elegant women? It's almost like the children of today all want to look like porn stars - when in reality that is not a good thing. I sat down with my sister and talked to her, but it still frightens me. These very vulnerable girls are not going down the right track in terms of finding role models and not having their entire lives revolve around men/boys.
Bring back pretty!

The Woman I Wanted to Be | Diane von Furstenberg

I met the iconic designer, Diane von Furstenberg, in September 2012 at the Fashion's Night Out event at her shop in Soho. I remember the feeling I had when I stood beside her and had a conversation. She told me I was beautiful. I was absolutely beside myself! This extraordinary woman was even more wonderful in person. She is an icon in the fashion world, and ever so creative. Some of my favorite dresses are her wrap dresses.

When I heard Diane was releasing a book, I was so excited! It quickly went to the top of my reading list. I couldn't wait to hear about Diane's life and stories that influenced and inspired her.
The amount of pure joy that came when a DVF box was placed on my desk is something I cannot measure. A signed copy of The Woman I Wanted to Be sat in front of me.
I started reading.
I don't think I put the book down. I don't want to ruin anything for someone else who just purchased this book, but it is a masterpiece. I really enjoyed it, and would recommend it to any woman. There are many pearls of wisdom from Diane hidden among the pages.

Flashback | Miss All Canadian

When I was 17 I was going through some major life changes. I had to overcome obstacles that no 17 year old girl should have to face alone. But I did it. Over and over again I conquered whatever curve ball was thrown at me.
I was in my Senior year at Paris District High School and I decided that I was not going to be the girl in the shadows anymore. I was no longer going to be shy, or embarrassed of my creativity and voice.
I joined every club I possibly could. Then I joined some more. Soon I was doing the school announcements, social club, track and field, OSAID, and so many more things to get active in the community. I also was told I was the perfect candidate for beauty pageants. My kindness and inner beauty pushed one of my teachers to sign me up for the Miss All Canadian pageant.
I wore a beautiful white gown with silver details and glitter. My Mom curled my hair. I put on minimal golden make-up and mascara. We drove 3 hours and waited for the introductions to begin and for me to finally be on stage. I was nervous. But I felt like I was okay, like I was in a place where my public speaking fears were non-existent. Truth be told, my introduction that I had memorized was 2 minutes long. When I noticed the other girls making small introductions, I cleaned up my speech on the spot and pointed out all the qualities and dreams I had to share. My introduction made the judges laugh. I have always had this keen way of making people more comfortable and to make them laugh.
The day was wonderful. I was able to participate successfully in every event that I had been practicing for.
When it came time to put my white gown back on, I felt confident. I walked onto the stage with the other finalists to receive our titles.
I was flabbergasted at the amount of titles and awards I won.
I won the following:
 Miss All Canadian
Best Smile
Miss Congeniality
Most Photogenic
Model/Photo/Portfolio Winner
Best Costume Winner
Winning these titles really made me gain more confidence. It also opened up the doors for me for the fashion and model world, but that's a whole other story.
Sometimes, one person pushing you to do something out of your comfort zone can create such results that you can't even envision them until they're happening to you.

Diaries of The Brunette Shake

I am revamping and making it a really cool hang out spot on Tumblr to grab some inspiration and mini stories about fashion, beauty and my life.
And as always, stay chic!

Sunday Vision

Sunday is the day I spend getting ready for life. I set goals, find new aspirations and work out what I am going to do to accomplish them. The most difficult thing in life is figuring out who, or what you want to be. While speaking with my brother over breakfast this morning, I discovered that I have so many visions of what I would like to be and I can't simple choose just one! I was eternally grateful that he could share with me his thoughts on life, and personal growth. 

We are both wild flowers. Very rare, unique individuals. We both have old souls and have already lived many lives. We want to travel the world, learn new languages, get more and more education, fall in love, and continue to grow. We change peoples lives, and then move on to the next great adventure. 

What describes you? What is your greatest quality? I have a unique ability to make people laugh - no matter what the situation. I'm very creative and passionate for style, beauty and fashion. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am very caring. I am never mean. 

This blog, The Brunette Shake, has been a part of me for over 4 years. Instead of starting fresh, I want this blog to grow with me. I have plans for 2015 and I simply cannot wait to share them all with you as the adventures start happening again - and I'll be smiling through all of them. 

xx Hillary Gail Stewart 


I'm a 1989 baby, when I found out Taylor Swift's new album was called 1989 well of course I was excited!
One day after work I came home to the new Taylor Swift deluxe album from Target. I can still picture my boyfriend walking through Target with a Taylor Swift CD in hand - it amuses me.
Anyways, in the CD you receive a packet full of polaroids of Taylor Swift! They're super cute and of course I dreamt about how I could make my own...
After looking at my inbox I realized I received an email from the PR team that I could MAKE MY OWN 1989 POLAROID!
I made one quickly out of my excitment and of course to share with all of you!
I plan to take a few cute and fun ones to share!


Elle Beauty Box

Elle Canada is one of my favorite Canadian fashion magazines. I was every so delighted when I discovered they have a FREE beauty box program! You just sign up for the newsletter online HERE and enter in your mailing information.
You can receive really great samples and full size items of beauty products to try out. It's perfect for any beauty lover!

SPOTTED | Cara Delevingne's New Look

The blonde bombshell with the best eyebrows in the model industry has went brunette. Cara looks amazing as a brunette and I can feel the hair dye industry quickly selling out of brown hair dye... Be prepared for the brunette trend!