Speedsport 2015 | Scuffed Boots Photography

After many months of lusting after Scuffed Boots Photography photoshoots, I finally had enough courage and confidence to book an appointment to model for a photoshoot at the Moncton Speedsport 2015 Car Show. 

Jill (the photographer) is an absolute darling! She's very kind and supportive, and gave inspiring words when she knew I was nervous at the beginning of the shoot. Her hair & make-up girls were a dream team (you should see my hair in the photos below!). It's been a very long time since I participated in a professional photoshoot. 

I love how the photos turned out. I am known as a smiler and a girl full of infectious laughter, the best photos had a smile! I love how she captured my happiness. The costume's Jill provided were so perfect for the shoot! I paired them with a pair of thrifted heels from a local thrift shop and it made the shoot even more perfect if that's even possible! 

If you guys ever want a photoshoot done I would highly suggest going to see Jill at Scuffed Boots Photography. She makes you feel comfortable and is extremely friendly. I know that she does wedding photography, boudoir shoots and so much more! She's local to Moncton, NB and is plain ole fabulous!

Check out her work :

Here are my two favorite photos from the shoot below, I plan on getting 3 more too!

 Hillary Gail Stewart

The Yoga Lifestyle

On and off for the past few years I have dabbled in the art of Yoga. 

Lately, I have been going to a class called Body Flow at my local women's Goodlife Gym in Moncton, NB. I quickly fell in love. 

Body Flow mixes yoga, taichi and pilates all in one 45 or 60 minute class. At the end of the class, the relaxation/meditation is the most rewarding, it only lasts 10 minutes but changes your entire day. At first, I didn't think I could get those pesky thoughts out of my mind, but after my third class I successfully felt as one with my body. It was a wonderful experience! After only a week of my daily Body Flow classes, I already found my mind was more calm, and my balance was top notch. 

I highly suggest heading to your local GoodLife Gym to try out Body Flow. It's a class by Les Mills, and I have found it highly beneficial in my fitness routine. 

After a talk with one of my Body Flow teachers, she directed me to a few different yoga sites that I simply cannot wait to try out! I also mentioned to her my love for Tara Stiles and all things rebellious when it comes to the traditional yoga practice. 

I thought I would share some Tara Stiles videos with you below. I love to use her YouTube videos first thing in the morning or right before bed. She also has a series called "Tara Eats" on the LiveStrong Woman channel with the most delicious vegan recipes you'll ever find. 

 Do any of you do yoga? What are your thoughts? Also, do you find the colour of your yoga mat makes your yoga practice different?