Beauty Talk | Jaclyn Hill's Top Single Eyeshadows

I was insanely excited when I saw Jaclyn Hill upload a video with all of her favourite single shadows that she stores in a custom z-palette.
Jaclyn has quickly become a huge part of the beauty community on social media and YouTube. She is extremely influential, and pretty much anything that she mentions in her videos becomes sold out immediately.
I was very interested to see what single shadows she chose for her day to day make-up. Personally, I am very drawn towards neutrals, shimmers and anything gold. I have been testing out the waters and experimenting with really wonderfully warm shades, which Jaclyn is seen wearing all the time!
I really wanted to review the shades that she shared with my own commentary!
  • MAC Nylon –  super frosty highlight with yellow undertone, can be used as a highlighter too. I think I need this! I have seen this used on Camilla Belle and she is my favourite beauty inspiration
  • Makeup Geek Mirage – natural looking highlight, slight sheen. I think I will pass on this one! I have so many highlights already
  • Makeup Geek Rapunzel – perfect amount of sheen, great for brow bone highlight, looks gorgeous on a lot of skin tones. Really gorgeous colour. Reminds me of something a young teen would wear.
  • Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie – one of her favorite transition colors, very natural and a must have. I have this shade I am obsessed with it, I literally use it or a dupe of it every single day.
  • Makeup Geek Creme Brûlée – beautiful natural shade - same idea as Peach Smoothie. I have this shade and obsess over it! I can wear this just as an all over lid shade and be completely fine with it!
  • MAC Soft Brown – similar to Creme Brûlée, pinkish undertone. I have the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette so I don't really think I need this in my collection.
  • Makeup Geek Frappe – medium-tone brownish red. I may need to purchase this is the very near future!
  • MAC Kid – Might be discontinued, great transition color for someone with really fair skin like moi! I'm very fair skinned, so if this is not discontinued, I might have to give it a try!
  • Makeup Geek Barcelona Beach – a lot of grey tones in this shadow... I hate cool tones. I look practically dead when I wear them so I am totally passing on this shade!
  • Anastasia Fawn – great transition color, very neutral brown. I already own the Anastasia Couture palette and I love the pigmentation. I might have to bite the bullet and order some of the singles! 
  • MAC Saddle – Amazing for the crease! Bronze/warm brown. I have so many dupes for this already, so I am not really interested in purchasing this! A very standard shade!
  • Makeup Geek Desert Sands – Mustardy-yellow heaven is how I would describe this. I am literally obsessed with this one. I have this in the Vegas Lights palette and I want to wear it every minute of everyday! 
  • Makeup Geek Chickadee – peachy-orange shade. Friggin' fantastic! I have this shade and have used it quite a few times for dramatic looks, but only when I have a slight tan.
  • MAC Amber Lights – rusty gold. I own this shade already and I use it as an all over the lid shade for a quick, yet chic, look.
  • MAC Swiss Chocolate – not pigmented, deep purple-brown shade. Looks like something I want to swatch myself at MAC to make up my mind if I need it or not.
  • MAC Red Brick – matte red-orange. This shade is insane. I don't know if I ever would actually use it? Or if it would just sit in my z-palette to inspire me to try new things (and then get scared and do a neutral look).
  • Makeup Geek Poppy – Pink and coral shade. I'm on the fence about this shade. It really does remind me of a Poppy though.  Didn't Kathleen Lights do a Tutorial with this shade?
  • Anastasia Henna – Statement shade, coppery/rusty red very pigmented . It needs to be mine. Already bookmarked. Come to MOMMA!  
  • MAC Coppering – Shimmery copper metallic shade.  Need. Definate need. Now where are my car keys so I can go to MAC? Anyone?
  • Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear – all matte burnt red/brown. So much yes. I have this shade and adore it!
  • Anastasia Fudge – very dark fudge brown. Literally the colour of chocolate fudge. I don't know if I need this or not. Reminds me of Too Faced.
  • Makeup Geek Grandstand – great for a literally everything. Smokey eyes, all over the lid shade... pops of sparkle. Pink/Champagne. I have this. I love this. We have a very beautiful love affair going on right now. It's so pigmented I could cry, but I won't because I just did my make-up.
  • Makeup Geek Vintage – matte medium toned cool purple. I'm not into it. I don't like cool tones. I just can't.
  • Makeup Geek Cherry Cola – purpley cherry undertone. I love this. The name and everything. I pretty much need it.
  • Anastasia Aubergine – Great sheen, purple shade. Need. Already on my wishlist. Let's move on.
  • Makeup Geek Bitten – warm burgundy/purple shade. Own it. You need it. Literally go buy it right now. One of Jaclyn's favs!
  • Makeup Geek Americano – medium cool toned matte brown. Too cool toned for this gal.
  • Makeup Geek Cupcake – soft pink, hard to wear if you are fair. So perfect for a teen's first shadow!  I need to buy this for my little sister. Would look stunning with her baby blues!
  • Anastasia Macaroon – lilac purple color, very intense shimmer. NEED. ALL SHIMMERS ALL THE TIME! #CANTSTOPWONTSTOP
  • Makeup Geek Houdini – emerald turquoise blue. Oh my goodness. Yes. I own this and use it when I want to be all flashy and lovely. 
  • Makeup Geek Dragonfly – bright aqua blue. Basically needs to be my new best friend. Be bold! Be BLUE! Plus, it's called dragonfly. So I need it.
  • Makeup Geek Jester – foiled eyeshadow olive green with golden undertones. How do I not own this already? BRB online shopping
  • Makeup Geek Dirty Martini – matte olive green. Got it. Love.
  • Makeup Geek Enchanted Forrest – all matte forest green. So much yes. I own this because Kathleen Lights snap chatted about it and basically made me buy it.

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Spring Sunshine

Nothing makes me happier than waking up to birds singing, and the sun shining. It definitely brings a smile to my face!
Lately, I have been concentrating on my efforts to raise money for WWF Canada! It's a very exciting endeavor, and I love to help the world and the animals who live on it. Environmental activism and helping animals are near and dear to my heart.
Today, I sported a cute floral dress from Forever21 with a burgundy faux leather jacket, some floral fish net tights and a pair of super metallic silver Bullboxer heels.
The outfit made me very happy, putting together cute and fun outfits is kind of my thang.
I've been finding inspiration everywhere, it really helps to inspire the creative juices to start flowing. 
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