Harvest Moon | Fall Fun

Happy October everyone! 

Autumn is my favourite season of all the seasons. Pumpkins, apple picking, scarves, leaves changing colour, Halloween... I could go on forever. 

It's my ideal time to decorate and my most cozy outfits come to life during these months. 

I love the apple orchard. I love the half eaten apples that deer have been munching on, and I love trying to find the "perfect apple". My favourite kind of apples are red delicious and honeycrisp. At our local orchard we are only able to pick cortland or macintosh. 

I really enjoyed picking apples with my love in my red vintage prarie dress. I wore my Frye Harness boots that I've had for years and years. I've actually worn these boots for a lot of fun activities, and they have seen the world. 

Anyways, back to the apples. We picked 20 pounds of apples, and I am currently dreaming of all the pies, crisps and sauces I will be able to whip up in my kitchen. 

We went to the Verger Belliveau orchard in Memramcook, New Brunswick!